Out Of The Shadows

I'm in a charity horror anthology that also features a story by The Chatterer from Hellraiser!

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Pit Fighters 4. Family Ties By Rick Griffin [Book Review]

"The sentimentality of the story was a good fit for these characters, and when combined with some excellent art, it all helps make this a worthy addition to your furry collection..."


Win A Copy Of Synergia On Steam

I described the cyberpunk yuri visual novel, Synergia, as having "a recognisable style, an intriguing protagonist, and a well-realised setting. It’s short but packed with emotion." Since it's so awesome, I'm giving away a copy on Steam!

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What Do I Write?

"What Do You Write?" It's a simple question, and one I've been asked several times. So, let's talk about what you can expect from my books and stories:

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Top 5 Video Games Based On Anime That I’d Love To See

I love anime. I love video games. Anime-based video games exist…but they aren’t always the games I want. So, these are my…Top 5 Video Games Based On Anime That I’d Love To See! I mean, who wouldn't want an ODM-based Attack on Titan Kart Racer?