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We then study the events of your individual simulation and use these to ascertain your current score against several targets.

The use of the NVAS two-step approach also allows us to monitor your progress with the aim of instigating a cycle of continuous improvement. The methods we use to populate your Alleviation Sim mean we can also gather an interactive visual recording of your experiences. This allows us to not only study how you create and react to different situations, but also to study how your subconscious mind affects the general surroundings in the simulation.

Understanding these things forms an important part of the Ailuros System. Often times, you will find that how you seem to respond to a stimulus is not indicative of what it first appears to be. As a simple example, attempting to escape a hostile adversary, if taken literally, would indicate a fear of a specific person. However, if said adversary is actually representative of a supressed resentment toward a real world situation or an overwhelming desire, the meaning becomes something else. Of course, sometimes a cake is just a cake, not a metaphor and disentangling simple imagery from hidden meanings is not a straightforward task.

To this end, we have a team of specially trained health professionals who will study the recording of your Alleviation Sim with a view to identifying what each event means. This psychological analysis allows us to score what level each suppressed negative emotional response is currently at. By comparing this data with your historical scores, we will be able to monitor any rises and falls in your tendency towards certain behaviours. This means that we can tweak your Neg-Vac in line with your individual needs, thusly ensuring your continued compliance with the law. If you’re interested, you can request both a video of your Alleviation Sim and a copy of the linked report at any time. By doing this, we are able to offer transparency in what we do and how it affects you.