The Next Cycle

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We use the report to ascertain if tweaks need to be made to your inoculation, or if there are any concerns relating to potential future criminal activity. This is all done at our end, so you don’t need to worry. From there, the cycle repeats from step 3. Depending on the results of your first report, your future inoculations will either be sent to you by our secure courier, or carried out by your local doctor. Also depending on your results, if you have access to adequate technology, you may even be allowed to carry out your next sim at home.

The Ailuros System operates on a thirty day cycle. While this does mean that there is a thirty day delay in applying changes to your Neg-Vac, the data analysis we carry out allows us to offer smaller, additional doses to apply these changes in the interim in most cases. If the changes required are small, these will be voluntary. In extreme cases, such as a large spike in a tendency towards violent behaviour, the additional dose will be a legal requirement.

Once you have completed your first full cycle, you will see a difference in how the system is applied to you. In most cases, we will be able to send you your Neg-Vac via a secure, in-house courier. Should you be deemed at risk of minor allergic reactions, or in cases where Neg-Vac usage is unlikely to be carried out on time (such as in the cases of those suffering from memory issues), your sample will instead be sent to and administered by, your regular doctor. There are a number of centres where your Alleviation Sim can be carried out, including specialised installations in many local doctor surgeries, but in many instances, these can be carried out at home. You would need a decent internet connection, a computer that will allow a secure connection, and a VR helmet. We would then supply you with an fMRI helmet and the connectors required to hook it up to your computer. So, the cycle will continue, altering with your changing needs. With the potential for home use, it doesn’t even need to interrupt your general life for more than the minimum required time to run the Alleviation Sim.