The Initial Assessment

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A full health check to ascertain physical compatibility with the system.

Your initial assessment will be carried out by one of our specially trained health professionals. They will work in collaboration with both local law enforcement and your primary doctor. This is to ensure your current health records and needs are taken into account when making their final decision as to your compatibility with the Ailuros system.

The initial assessment will comprise of two stages. The first of these is a general health check, including blood tests, a physical, and an interview to gauge your mental health and address any concerns you may have. The second stage involves a fast tracked check of your legal history via access to police and court databases.

While this may sound heavy going, for most people, it will not be anything they haven’t experienced before. The first stage of the process will be in line with similar checks carried out by your doctor. Meanwhile, the second stage is no different to the checks carried out when you apply for a new job.