First Engagement With The JWS

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30 days later, you will take part in your first Alleviation Sim. The first of these will be done in a monitored location to ensure there are no side effects.

Neg-Vacs are designed to suppress the negative emotional responses that are most likely to cause you to engage in criminal or destructive activity. However, simply suppressing these responses would be unhealthy. As such, we have devised a method to allow you to release these emotions in short bursts and all within a controlled environment. We do this by utilising Virtual Reality technology to create what we call an Alleviation Sim and allowing this to be controlled using a Brain-Computer Interface (BMI).

This two step-approach of Neg-Vac/Alleviation Sim (NVAS) is an integral part of the Ailuros system. All you need to do is take your next Neg-Vac dose and then enter the Alleviation Sim. Here, you will visit a custom-built environment that will allow you to release your stored emotional responses without fear of causing actual harm to yourself or any other living person. By using a combination of data gathered during your Calibration Day, real-time fNIRS monitoring, and a complex Joint Working System (JWS), we can ensure you will be in control over how this happens. The people you meet will be almost entirely built from your subconscious mind. With the exception of some necessary auditory and visual cues to keep things on track, your interactions with them will also be a product of your internalised thoughts. And of course, if you find yourself in distress, there is a built-in Cry For Help (CFH) system that you can activate at any time.