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The Ailuros Project is an internationally funded initiative, formed to reduce crime through a mix of cutting edge science and psychoanalysis.

By working closely with local governments, law enforcement, and medical services, we are creating an innovative system designed to make your area safer for you and your loved ones.

The Ailuros Project utilises a six-step system. Click the headings to learn more about each stage of the process.

  1. The Initial Assessment: a full health check to ascertain physical compatibility with the system.
  2. Calibration Day: the day that we set up your individual profile to allow our system to understand how your brain processes information. This also allows us to understand your individual Neg-Vac needs.
  3. The First Inoculation: under close supervision, you will be given your first Neg-Vac. After a brief period of supervision, you will be free to return home.
  4. Engagement With The JWS: 30 days later, you will take part in your first Alleviation Sim. The first of these will be done in a monitored location to ensure there are no side effects.
  5. The Report: We then study the events of your individual simulation and use these to ascertain your current score against several targets.
  6. The Next Cycle: We use the report to ascertain if tweaks need to be made to your inoculation, or if there are any concerns relating to potential future criminal activity. This is all done at our end, so you don’t need to worry. From there, the cycle repeats from step 3. Depending on the results of your first report, your future inoculations will either be sent to you by our secure courier or carried out by your local doctor. Also depending on your results, if you have access to adequate technology, you may even be allowed to carry out your next sim at home.

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