Top 5 … YouTubers

Top 5 … YouTubers

July 24, 2017 0 By mattdoylemedia

Welcome, one and all, to this month’s Top 5. This time around, I wanted to touch on some of my favourite YouTubers. Of course, like any creative medium, YouTube features a fair mix in terms of quality, depending of course on what your tastes are. Now, there are actually quite a few YouTubers that I like, and I could easily have extended this list, but … I already cheated on my Top 5 Werewolf Movies … So, I’m being strict this time.

Let’s begin.



Markipler is someone for whom I have both a lot of admiration and a lot of respect. Not only do I find his videos to be highly entertaining in general (not to mention that he’s introduced me to a ton of good games), but his outlook on life is just so positive. Whether he be screaming his way through a horror game, acting out a skit, or simply setting an example as to how to be a genuinely nice person, he’s easily one of my favourite YouTubers to watch. As a random side, he is also the brother of Tom Fischbach, whose work has featured in my comic reviews before.



I love Boogie. I actually stumbled across him by accident when I saw one of his Francis skits and mistakenly thought that it was real. What you get here is a mix of comedy, gaming news, film reviews and general ramblings. The variety of things that he produces is such that you should be able to find something within his channel to entertain yourself. Boogie is incredibly hardworking and, like Markiplier, comes across as a genuinely nice person. Well worth a look in.


Pocari Roo

Australian fursuiter Pocari Roo is someone that I found fairly recently and much like the previous two entries, she produces a good mix of content. In this case, I’ve seen fursuit and mail unboxings, Q&A’s, and general focused ramblings about various different topics. Trawling back through the vids on her channel, she comes across as a really genuine, and really nice person (i’m seeing a pattern here), and is a great representative of what the Furry Fandom is rather than what people assume it is.



I have always enjoyed a good horror story, and this is probably one of my most listened to horror channels. Basically, this is a fellow Brit reading creepypasta stories. The reading quality is always high, and there’s a massive selection of stories available, ranging from popular tales like ‘Smile.Dog’ to some lesser known ones. Really, what more could you want from a horror themed channel?


Kyle Hill (Because Sicence – Nerdist)

This stuff is brilliant! What basically happens here is that Kyle Hill takes a question relating to pop culture and approaches it from a scientific standpoint. Whether it be the Attack on Titan video above, questioning whether Starlord should have died when he took his helmet off in space, or pondering how CatDog poops, the videos all share two traits: they’re incredibly entertaining, and they deal with things in a fact based manner. Excellent stuff!


So, there you have it. Those are my top five YouTubers. What about yourselves? Do you have any regular stops in the whacky world of YouTube? Let me know below. Thanks for reading everybody.


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