30 Day Gaming Challenge: #29 – A Game You Thought You’d Hate, But Ended Up Loving

30 Day Gaming Challenge: #29 – A Game You Thought You’d Hate, But Ended Up Loving

October 8, 2018 21 By mattdoylemedia

Welcome, one and all, to the second-to-last entry in the 30 Day Gaming Challenge! So, what does Day 29 ask of me? It wants me to name … a game I thought I’d hate, but ended up loving.

Halo. Any of them. Honestly, growing up, FPS games were my primary go-to on PC. Well, that and sport management sims. I still remember the fun we had in high school when the head of IT left the door to his office open and someone hid a copy of the original Doom on the school’s servers. At home, we had Quake, Blood 2, Unreal Tournament, and Shadow Warrior. As the days of console gaming took over, we had things like XIII, Goldeneye, Turok 2, and Lifeforce Tenka.

All of those games were great fun. But as the years marched on, I found less and less to enjoy in the First-person Shooter genre. It all just… stagnated for me. Playing online wasn’t as much anymore, and the console stuff just didn’t feel as exciting. So, I stopped playing that type of game.

Until Halo. You see, when I left my last job, my colleagues were kind enough to have a collection for me and got me a decent sized shopping voucher. I ended up spending it on an Xbox One S that came with a copy of Minecraft and one of the Tom Clancy games. I had no interest in the Tom Clancy game, so I traded it in. I really wasn’t sure what to buy instead, but my brother had been recommending Halo to me. Given that we both used to enjoy the same games, I figured … why not? So, I picked up The Master Chief Collection.

halo 4 master chief cortana FPS

Come … return to the FPS genre …

My expectation was that I’d get bored and either my partner would enjoy it or we’d trade it in again. As it turned out … I loved it! I’m hooked on the series. It’s soooooo good! The story is excellent, the characters and excellent, the gameplay is excellent … it helps that I’m good at it too. Such fun though!

But what about yourselves? What game did you expect to hate, but actually loved?

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