Checking In

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I made a regular post rather than one of the promo book tours, hasn’t it?

Honestly, I had intended to give the magazine-style posts a proper try, but a bunch of stuff kinda happened all at once. First, my cover piece for issue two was supposed to be Hellraiser 2022…then the release for the UK got delayed. I didn’t have time to make any changes because I had the Halloween Tours to act in, then before I knew it, it was the march toward Christmas. So, that all kinda fell by the wayside.

During this time, I also started a new job. Basically, I was offered a promotion. It was my second promotion in under two years, which is really awesome. This new job is a little tougher though. For one, it’s a safeguarding role, so that comes with its own challenges. Where it’s also a senior position in the company, there’s a lot more to do as well. Which means I’ve been super tired a lot.

Then, it also turned out that I wasn’t dealing with some mental health stuff as well as I thought. The short version is I had a bit of a breakdown. The doctor was really good with this. I rang up and explained the issue, they found me a same-day appointment, and I’m now on anti-depressants and waiting for an appointment to look into suspected OCD.

This is the first time I’ve been on antidepressants. I have historically gone with counseling, which has helped a lot in the past, but it really felt like I’d reached last resort territory this time. They’re helping. They really are. But I do have a few issues with it altering my sleep patterns. Nothing too major, but enough that I needed to adjust things a little.

This brings us to now. I do want to get more of my regular posts out, but how long that will take, I don’t know. I don’t want to tie myself into a set routine with it because I don’t think it would be helpful right now. I am working on some sponsored posts to keep up with the site costs, and who knows, maybe I’ll rework some older posts again too. Either way, I’m hoping to start getting back into being around here a little more again and catching up with other people’s posts if nothing else.

Meanwhile, I have two books coming this year now. Coulrotopia was signed by NineStar Press. This is a budget-priced novelette about a circus comprised of robot clowns. When the mechanical performers are accidentally loaded with a killer AI, they go on a rampage, and it’s down to the remaining staff and patrons to fight for their lives. The Beast of Loughby Island has also been signed by Fractured Mirror Publishing. This is a novella about a werewolf running rampant on a remote island. I tried to do something a little different with the beasty in this one. Release dates will hopefully come soon. To help with promo though, I’ll be taking part in a live horror round-table, so look out for the link when I have it!

I’m FINALLY working on a new costume: a clockwork werewolf. I want to do a few making-of segments on this because it’s the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted. It will (hopefully) have mechanical parts, and some built-in special effects too. All being well, this will be part of a multimedia project.

There’s also the forever-in-development game that I want to get back to.

So, yeah. I’m trying to keep busy and really embrace the stuff I’m enjoying. If that means shifting priorities, then so be it. The main thing is, I’m working on looking after myself.

But that’s just me. How have you all been? What have I missed in my absence? Help me catch up by dropping a link to a post you’ve made between October and now that you’re super proud of! I want to see what everyone ahs been doing and it’ll give me a good place to start catching up 🙂


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