Matt Doyle Media Monthly: Issue 1

Flinx has been surfing the web, and it is ready to share the treasure with you! So, check out the stuff below:

Self-Care Sunday over on Biblio-Nyan sees Kā’eo talking about accepting yourself, even when faced with familial obligations. They’ve made a really important post here that should offer comfort and encouragement to those struggling with these issues.

I’m Noticing A New Trend In Anime Ladies over on I Drink And Watch Anime is pretty typical of Irina’s work. She always comes through with some excellent long-form anime posts, and this one does a great job talking about anime characters becoming more sex-positive without losing their personality to this trait.

An Innocent Puppy Meets A Two-Faced Cat over on A Nerdy Fujo Cries is a review for a yaoi story that actually features middle-aged men. This one sounds pretty cute, so give the review a look-in!

Finally, we have the epic music video for Butter Miracle Suite One by Counting Crows. This covers the entire EP in one video and tells the touching tale of a young lady finding her father. Great songs, great story, great video. Check it out below.

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