Matt Doyle Media Monthly: Issue 1


Hey everybody! Welcome to the new look post style for Matt Doyle Media! This has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? The thing is, between work and my various projects, I feel like I’ve been neglecting this place a fair bit. Rather than call it a day, I figured I’d reinvent the site a bit.

By switching to a magazine layout like this, I’m able to write about a bunch of different stuff, the same as I normally do, but keep it to fewer posts that all go up once a month. You’ll still see the usual press releases and book spotlights, of course, but the main post from myself should look something look like this.

Honestly, I really hope you all enjoy it. It has been really cool to work on, and it made me feel a lot more enthusiastic about the site again. I couldn’t do it all alone though! So, let’s meet the magazine staff!

Matt Doyle is a UK-based creator. Matt’s stories have been published in multiple novels and anthologies, and their reviews have been quoted in a variety of sources. Matt is also a voice actor and recently recorded for both an audio drama series and a live-action horror film. More recently, Matt has started to volunteer as a scare actor. Matt also works on videos, cosplay, and art when time allows.

Flinx, the Fluttery-Blinker, appeared after a long series of coding errors on a spreadsheet led to it springing to life on screen. It is a curious AI that loves to see humanity’s creations. Matt has hired Flinx to trawl the internet for cool things to share in the magazine.

Commander Rip Rage appeared in Matt’s bedroom after an incident with the photon accelerator on his ship caused him to cross over to our world and become stranded. Rip was a high-ranking officer in the military unit, The Warriors of Keilan’s Empire, and appears to (mostly) communicate through shouting. Though quite literally 2D, Matt hired him to deal with the advertising in the magazine.

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