What Happened To All The Posts? [Part II]

Hey all! It’s update time!

Following on from the first What Happened To All The Posts?, things have been moving forward for me. So, here’s where I’m at, and what it means moving forward…

Starting with my day job, I have some news. Last week, I had two interviews for potential promotions. The first one was for a job that would jump me up two pay bands. It’s a role that I’d be suited to but the size of the jump made it far harder for me to actually pass the interview.  While I do feel that I did okay, and gave as good a show as I could, I was unsuccessful.

The second interview was for a job that would mean jumping up one pay band and moving into what is partially a team leader role. The original plan had been for candidates to be interviewed on Friday and then told the results on Monday. The interview team made their decision the same day. The short version is…I got the job! It likely won’t start for another month, but I’m super happy about this. It means more pressure though, and there will be a lot to learn.

This brings me to the site. I have no intention of shutting it down. I do need to make changes though. This is, broadly speaking, going to fall into a few categories:

  • Redesign – My plan is to have a set homepage that people can use to navigate to the sections they want, be that one of my projects or the blog posts.
  • Post Changes – While I do intend to mostly stick to having Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts, I expect this to be less strict in terms of how much goes out each week. I do want to make a few changes with this though:
    • Time being what it is, I’m going to have to stop taking review copies of stuff from a few places. Working on my own, I simply don’t have the time to review everything. Rather than reduce content though, I think this may mean I get to blog about anime more. You see, some of the stuff I get has been tough to get through, largely because it isn’t my thing. The sheer amount of stuff coming through is unwieldy too. What that means is that I’ll be able to focus on watching stuff I want to though rather than stuff I’m obliged to. That will be nice and should encourage me to be a bit freer with my writing.
    • Rather than strict reviews, I may start doing compilation-style posts. By which I mean I’ll be a bit more casual with it and talk about more than one thing in each post. That would mean I can mix up how much I talk about each thing depending on how much I have to say, which isn’t a bad thing.
    • I’m told I need to start a mailing list too. This is mostly for creative stuff as a lot of people find that a mailing list leads to more people knowing about – and in turn buying – books. I like selling books. So, this seems logical. If I’m reducing my personal blog posts too, I can include those as links in the emails.
    • You may be able to expect a few more personal stories too. Updates on what I’m up to, fun things that have happened to me, that sort of thing. We shall see though.
    • I will continue to run spotlights on upcoming books and the suchlike. They’re easy to set up and, honestly, I want to help promote cool releases, especially if they’re from diverse voices. So many people have helped me with the same, and I want to pay that back to the community.

My other projects are continuing to move forward too. The bigger voice acting job should begin in the next month or two. I have a public appearance lined up to help promote the scare acting, and I continue to write what I can when I can to keep my name out there with the fiction. I’m also still working on that long-touted video game that I never seem to finish.

And…that’s about it. So, expect changes but hopefully more of the types of posts that were happening before the last year. The main thing is, I’ll be back onto some sort of posting run soon.

Cheers for reading, and for sticking around. You’re all incredibly awesome, and I appreciate the views, likes, and comments over the years. The next step is to ensure that I give you all more to continue stopping by for.

Catch ya all later!

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