What Happened To All The Posts?

Hey all! So, I’m sure at least some of you have noticed that my posting has… well… slowed down a bit. I figured it was about time I spoke about that a little.

Now, the last time this happened, I was in a bad place. I was neck-deep in depression, my personal life was falling apart, and my physical health was still pretty poor. I am thankful to say that this isn’t the case this time.

So, what is happening, exactly? The simple answer is projects!

In terms of writing, I recently finished the final edits on SurReality. This is a short, budget release from NineStar Press, who also published my LGBTQ Sci-Fi Mystery series, The Cassie Tam Files. It’s also a little different from my other releases.

SurReality is partially set in the town I was born in. It tells the story of a paranormal investigation show called SurReality, with a focus on the tragedy that befell the last season finale to feature the original hosts. Oh, and the events that haunted the show for the next couple of years. It’s all about an urban legend and is told through a series of blog posts and new articles. So, basically, it’s a modern epistolary like Dracula, but it’s more about demons than vampires and features some queer rep.

There’s also The Beast Of Loughby Island. You may have seen me mention my progress on this one on Twitter. This is a horror novella set on a fictional island off the coast of my hometown. This one is going to be violent, darkly humourous, and feature my usual array of casual diverse rep. Basically, picture Dog Soldiers meets Predator 2.

Yup! This one is my first full-length werewolf piece. I’ve avoided doing this story because I absolutely adore werewolves, and really wanted to do the subject justice. To that end, I’ve been careful to play into what I love about werewolf stories but add my own little twist. I’m currently on my penultimate round of personal edits before I ship it off to potential publishers.

And that brings me to Project Awoo. Writing The Beast Of Loughby Island has reminded me how much I love werewolf movies. So, I’m trying to collect all of them. Well, all the ones that are still in existence. Now, I have rules on this. Each film has to pass a simple test: does removing the concept of a werewolf alter the core story? If the answer is yes, it’s a werewolf movie. If it’s no, then it’s not. What that means is, films like Twilight are not werewolf movies and so do not make the list. A handful of films that don’t actually have any werewolves in them, such as The Wolf Of Snow Hollow, do.

The list currently sits at 177 movies, spanning from 1925 to the present day. My collection of DVDs and Blurays is at 89. This means I’m over halfway and have less than 100 to go. And yes, there are some bad movies in this collection.

Sticking with the art of non-written stories, I’m actually picking up some steam in Voice Acting. I’ve landed an off-screen role in a live-action horror movie, Demoniac, which is based on a Minecraft creepypasta. That has been great fun so far. I’ve also been cast in a much larger role for an audio drama that should start recording in a few months’ time.

This is all very exciting for me. I really enjoy acting and I miss performing. That was one of my favourite things about pro wrestling. Having a new way to do this is wonderful.

On top of that, I’ve signed up as a Scare Actor this year. My local Halloween tour is the oldest in Europe, I believe, and it’s one of the few haunts that are still allowed to physically touch the people on the tour over here. I cannot say what I’m doing exactly, as the actual individual parts of the tours are kept secret until opening night. I’m gonna have fun though! Oh, and I will say, when the trailer for the tour lands, I’m playing a different role in that than I am on the night.

The main thing is, I’m gonna get scary! MWAHAHAHA!

What this all means though is that I’ve had less time to write stuff up. I have a pile of review discs and a book for review, but I’m way behind. I will catch up, but I need to clear my decks a little first.

And that’s about the size of it. I’m still here, I’m still trying to keep up, but I’m also full-steam ahead on some other stuff right now that is taking the priority spot. So, my apologies to those missing my general posts. They will be back. Please just be a little patient.

Catch ya all later!


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