What Do I Write?

“What do you write?”

It’s a simple question, and one I’ve been asked a number of times. I tend to try to keep answers short if I’m asked out in the wild, largely because it essentially acts as an opening into an elevator pitch. That being the case, I don’t like to let the details go on too long.

Really though, it isn’t a question with an overly short answer. You see, it depends on the project. For example, my long-form releases certainly have some similarities, but they aren’t quite the same. On the other hand, my anthology appearances have been very different, because they’re written to fit a theme.

That all being said, I figured I’d have a crack at defining some of the common themes in my work. After all, that should give you an idea of whether my work is for you, right? So, let’s look at a few things.


Sc-Fi & Horror

So, the majority of my work fits into one or both of these categories. When it comes to my full-length pieces, they tend to lean towards sci-fi, at least in terms of setting. I grew up with a massive love of science fiction and that leaks in quite a bit. While I enjoy hard sci-fi, I don’t tend to write it. I don’t like to let the story get too wrapped up in tech specs and the suchlike, for reasons I’ll come to later in this article. As such, you’ll find instead that the stories have a clear tech-driven edge, but it’s used to bring the characters together rather than be the focus. For example, The Cassie Tam Files is driven by the titular PI, but her attitude and methods are reliant on her city being so focused on technological advancements. Similarly, with Ailuros, whether you read the far-future story or the present-day one, the story needs the alien lifeform and the technology to work, but the humans are where the heart of it lies.

My short stories are a little more horror in nature, at least right now. There are exceptions, of course, but my early published pieces stuck to the familiar realms of sci-fi. Then I managed to get some stories in a couple of horror-themed anthologies, such as ERN.IE in D Is For Demons. Now, that’s mostly what I write when it comes to shorts. As stated earlier though, if the right call comes out, I do and can write other types of stories. Chassis in Bright Neon Futures, for example, is cyberpunk, because that’s the theme of the anthology. My next planned novel is going to be fully horror though.



Queer rep happens in most of my stories to one degree or another. Now, this happens through the main characters fitting under the rainbow. There are some things to note though. I don’t write erotica, and with the exception of Dear Sis (ROAR 9: Resist), I don’t tend to write stories specifically about being LGBTQ+. The reason for this is that I don’t really read either type of story. I have actually heard people say a book can’t be LGBTQ+ without a sex scene or two, but I disagree with that statement entirely. And queer culture tales are certainly important, but I’m a genre fiction reader first and foremost, so that’s where I want to write about people like me.

So, what does that mean for how queer rep works in my books? Well, you’ll find that the main players will usually feature at least one LGBTQ+ character among them. My series The Spark Form Chronicles had probably the least queer rep with one of the five POV characters being an out lesbian and her partner being a bisexual woman. The Cassie Tam Files only has one POV character (with the exception of One Week In New Hopeland in Shadows Of The Past), but she’s queer and so are a bunch of side characters. Meanwhile, almost half the cast of Ailuros is queer.

The thing to remember is that the characters’ sexuality isn’t prominent in the story. They’re usually characters that have been out for a while and are just getting on with their lives. Even in the case where there’s romance involved, it’ll be a side-arc in most cases. Most people accept the characters, and the focus is on their other traits. I write that way because most of us in the queer community have more to us than who we’re attracted to. That’s why my characters are stubborn, or tattoo obsessed, or scared of goats. Basically, expect queer characters who are, above all else, human.


Quick Reads

Regardless of the length of my longer releases, I try to keep the pacing relatively quick. Like a lot of people, I don’t have the time I used to when it comes to hobbies. Work, parenting, and generally dealing with life takes up a lot of time. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one either, so I try to pitch stories in a way that you can read them in a few sittings without any issues.

Sure, some of them are a little slower than others. LV48 is generally known as my slowest paced book, for example, but even that isn’t a long read. The key for me is accessibility. I want people to be able to enjoy these stories no matter how busy life is. That we’re living in a generation where quickfire entertainment is big too means my work is, hopefully, a good fit.


So, that’s what you can usually expect from me. Stories that are sci-fi or horror – sometimes both – at their heart, feature LGBTQ+ heroes, and can be read fairly quickly. You can check out all my books HERE, but to make it easier to decide what you may enjoy, here’s a list of my releases with their tags:



Ailuros: Sci-Fi Horror, experimental story format, queer rep (bisexual male protagonist, AMAB genderfluid protagonist, lesbian protagonist)

The Cassie Tam Files: Sci-Fi, occasional horror elements, queer rep (lesbian protagonist, lesbian and bisexual secondary characters, nonbinary side character)

The Spark Form Chronicles: Sci-Fi, occasional horror elements, references to pro wrestling, card gaming, and anime, furry elements, queer rep (lesbian protagonist, bisexual secondary character)



Chassis – Bright Neon Futures: A Wholesome Cyberpunk Anthology: Cyberpunk, queer rep (bisexual protagonist)

Dear Sis – ROAR 9: Resist: Contemporary, furry, queer rep (genderfluid protagonist)

ERNI.IE – D Is For Demons: Sci-fi Horror

Floofy – Moonlight: A Queer Werewolves Anthology: Urban Fantasy, queer rep (genderfluid protagonist, homosexual secondary character)

Nor’Killik – ROAR 8: Paradise: Sci-Fi Horror, furry, queer rep (nonbinary antagonist)

The Soul Star – Impact: Fantasy, queer rep (transgender protagonist)

They’re Still Out There – It Came From The Darkness: Horror, flash fiction

Torin – Re.New.Al: Fantasy, flash fiction, queer rep (homosexual protagonist)


2 thoughts on “What Do I Write?

  1. Right there with you. Sometimes it’s really hard to categorize my writing when I’m discovering it myself in the creative process, only to have to cope with a labeling system I often don’t understand, I’m not entirely sure I agree with, yet I need in order to try to reach my readers. All the while I wonder if those labels aren’t giving those readers misleading ideas. (wry grin)

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