Famous Phone Numbers of TV Shows and Movies

Famous Phone Numbers of TV Shows and Movies

By Irene Chen


Do you ever wonder if phone numbers used in TV shows and movies are real phone numbers? Perhaps you’ve even tried calling a number you’ve heard on TV. One famous example of this instance is the song by Tommy Tutone, “867-5309/Jenny”. If this was your phone number at the time, I’m sure the number of unsolicited phone calls that came through each day was overwhelming.

Unfortunately, this song came out before caller ID and reverse phone lookup were widely used, so there was no way to screen calls or know who was calling. This may leave you wondering, were real phone numbers commonly used in TV shows and movies?

Are Real Numbers Used in TV Shows and Movies?

Real numbers weren’t always used in TV shows and movies. According to Bell System, a telephone company, numbers that began with 555 were reserved for unique instances such as features in movies, songs, or TV shows. The reason for this was to prevent prank phone calls and unsolicited calls to unexpecting people. Shows such as Ghostbusters (1984), Seinfeld (1991), and Last Action Hero (1993) all used numbers with 555 as the area code to avoid unwanted phone calls.

Phone Numbers of Your Favorite TV and Movie Characters

Phone Numbers of Your Favorite TV and Movie Characters Created By: PeopleFinders
In more recent times, writers started using real numbers that had relevant area codes to make movies or shows more believable. They even stuck these phone numbers in on purpose, hoping to bait fans to dial them. For example, in shows such as The Office (2008), Breaking Bad (2013), and Stranger Things (2019), real numbers were used. When these numbers were dialed, you would hear a recording that ties back to the character, movie, or show.

Perhaps you’ve tried calling some of the numbers, only to reach a recording in your favorite character’s voice. But have you ever wondered who actually owns the phone numbers with the recordings you’ve heard? You can use PeopleFinders.com reverse phone lookup feature to find out.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup is just one small part of their large database of public information. When you go to the reverse phone lookup feature, all you have to do is type in a phone number with the area code, and you’ll be provided with a plethora of information. The phone number owner’s name, email addresses, and current home addresses may pop up.

This feature is especially helpful in observing which numbers are prank calls and which are important calls. It’s also helpful in figuring out which company calls are from legitimate and reputable companies or which are fake calls just asking for money.
PeopleFinders offers other services as well, such as an up-to-date directory, relevant public records and data, and social media accounts so you can stay in the know.


Author Bio: Irene Chen is the head editor for Content Geek, which showcases interesting, inspirational, and thought-provoking content. ContentGeek.com publishes infographics and articles across a wide range of topics, sourced from a community of designers, writers, and creators.

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