Ailuros Appearances: Podcasts, Trailers, and Posts!

So, with my new LGBTQ sci-fi/horror novel, AILUROS, out now, I’ve been busily walking the promo trail! This means there’s a bunch of new stuff by me out there!


Lorne and Sam hosted me on the horror podcast, Visited by Voices. On top of the book, we also chat about horror as a genre, furries, pro wrestling, and generally, just have a laugh! They’re great hosts, and their other videos are well worth checking out too.

I also did a book launch video with Fracture Mirror Publishing. This one is more focused on the book itself, and we go into detail about the writing process and my influences.

And, we have the book trailer! This was created and narrated by me, so please do give it some love!



I also have a guest post on Queen’s Book Asylum! Here, I’m going into detail about the book layout and why I wrote it this way.


So, there you have it. Reaching to people and trying to market this beast of a book is why I’ve been posting less of late, so if you have the time, I really would appreciate you giving this stuff a look-in. In particular, I’ve been really enjoying the video stuff as it’s new ground for me. So, cheers everyone!



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