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He’s banging on the door right now. Aaron, I mean.

Lucy too. She works with him. She’s worse, in a way, because she’s smarter than he is. More calcualted.

I’m hiding in the loft.

I sent the file to a publisher. They’re going to get it out there. Ailuros by Matt Doyle.

It’s not really by me, I didn’t alter the file at all. I didn’t have time to highlight the hidden bits, but I’m sure you can all figure them out.

You all need to see what happened to Alex and Josh. Before it’s too late, and they get you too.

Anyway. I came home after I signed the contract. Aaron was waiting across the street again. It doesn’t matter though. They can’t stop the book from coming out. Not now.

The real shame is, the Ailuros Project could have been something good. But they just can’t get enough power. They can’t get enough control.

Well, they can’t control me. Not anymore. I have a baseball bat up here somewhere. I was never really sure why. I guess there’s a reason now. I can hear Aaron downstairs while I’m typing. He must have broken the door. I’m not sure about Lucy yet.

I’m gonna sign off.

Read the book.

Read it, and resist them.

For Josh and Alex.

For me.

And for yourselves.

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