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I tried.

I really did.

I can’t deny what’s going on anymore.

Look, I truly believe this all started out with good intentions. The Government really do want more control though. I’m not talking about fictional tracking chips or data monitoring. This is more like data editing.

They’re using Alex and Josh’s case as proof that they need an additional system in place. They’re seeking approval to alter people’s memories. Wipe out chunks relating to other people. Like, if you know someone who brings out the worst in you, right?

And that means altering the memories of people with connections too. Like, you can’t make A forget B if C, D and E all know that they knew each other, right? So they have to wipe C, D and E too.

That’s too far for me. And this is worse because Alex and Josh don’t deserve what they’re doing to them.

Especially because the team missed so much.

The analysis usually looks at things on a really deep level. It’s not just what’s said or done, it’s the little things. Body language, messages that are locked away in there.

I counted seven. Seven messages the team missed. There are four hidden in the file reference codes. There’s morse code in the names of the transcribers. There’s another message in the final notes. And the creature…my baby always spoke in binary.

There’s no way they just missed them.

Not all of them.

When you know to look, some of them are pretty obvious. Without them though, they can justify what they’re doing.

I can’t believe I was ever a part of this. I’m so sorry.

That’s why the book is coming. They can’t stop it now. Soon, you’ll all be able to see what they’re doing.

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