Top 5 Anime Characters You Want In Your Caper Crew

Welcome, one and all, to another Top 5 list! This time around, we’re entering the whacky world of heists, and putting together a high-end team to pull off any con job you could imagine. So, that means it’s time for the… Top 5 Anime Characters You Want In Your Caper Crew!

For the purposes of this list, we’re going with five classic heist roles: The Mastermind, The Hacker, The Grifter, The Muscle, and The Driver. So, let’s dive right in!

The Mastermind: Arsène Lupin III

This is perhaps the most obvious choice on the list. The mastermind is the leader of the crew, and often the most experienced member too. If you want to fill that role with an anime character, then who else could you possibly choose other than the genius grandson of the Gentleman Thief himself? Lupin III is the king of crime, and can always be relied upon to get the job done. As such, he’s the perfect character to be calling the shots.


The Hacker: Nagato Yuuki

The team’s computer expert needs to be able to work quickly and hack any system to not only obtain information but to keep the rest of the team safe. I had initially considered Major Kusanagi for this position, but I’d already used her in my Overwatch list. So, who would be next in line? A higher dimensional entity created by the Data Overmind that can hack by both keyboard and through chanting in SQL!


The Grifter: Envy

The Grifter, sometimes known as the Conman, does a lot of heavy lifting in a caper crew. They use manipulation and disguises to keep the mark doing what they want, and in a way, set up all the cards for the other players to use. Really, Envy is the most logical choice here, because their shape-shifting skills and general demeanour mean they’d be more than capable – and happy – to take part in shady work like this.


The Muscle: Revy

The Muscle tends to get into fistfights and acts as a form of intimidation for the team. Given her role in her home series, Revy is the only choice for this role. She may be a bit of a loose cannon at times, but she has proven time and time again that she can come through and even stick to the plan when needed. Between her efficiency in combat and that terrifying smile, you would definitely want her on the team.


The Driver: Bunta Fujiwara

Getaway drivers need to be more than just proficient drivers. They need to have nerves of steel and be capable of pulling off badass moves as they make their escape. While anime is full of this type of character, Initial D seems like a logical choice to pick and choose a driver from. While many would go for lead protagonist Takumi or his rival Keisuke, it’s Takumi’s dad Bunta that is the best driver in the series. Mixing style, guts, and experience, he’d be more than capable of filling this slot!


So, there you have it. What do you think of my makeshift Caper Crew? Who would you include in yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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