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I’ve locked the media team out of the site. They’re more techy than me. They’ll get back in eventually, but I took some precautions. I mean, it’s my site, right?

That file I took related to a recent case, Alex Holden, and Josh Byrne.

Alex was on a Neg-Vac mix to counter mild bouts of jealousy and anger, as well as tendencies to focus on negative outcomes. Josh is one of the 3,000 people in the city that didn’t volunteer for the Ailuros Project. His regular medication increases the risk of an allergic reaction, so he physically shouldn’t be on it yet.

It was a messy case. The police got involved.

The thing is, I think there’s an agenda here. I’ve spent the week trying to figure out what exactly happened, but there aren’t even any news stories on it. I think the company suppressed them. They can’t keep everything out of the public eye though. The file is going to be published. I’ll update you all soon.

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