Top 5 Books for College Students

Top 5 Books for College Students

By Ted Wilson

There are so many bestsellers — how are you supposed to choose among them? To make your life just a little bit easier, we have prepared a small list consisting of only 5 books you may be most interested in during your college years. Here, you will find a book on time management, a book on psychology, one fiction book, one classic non-fiction book about our planet, and one book on how to keep your immune system working.

5 Amazing Books to Read in College

The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Them Now, Meg Jay

Even if you read only this book from our list, you will not regret it. The key idea of this work is that your 20-es are defining for your entire life afterward and you should make the most of them. Students often think that their real-life will start much later — after 30, but it often backfires.
Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, approaches these defining years from many sides, from many points of view — health, education, love life, career, dreams, reality, etc. She used the opinions and experiences of different professionals — from career consultants to doctors, from HR specialists to students themselves.
You will find this book very easy to read and easy to relate to. Meg truly understands people of your age and is eager to show some ways you can make the most of this period in your life. It is definitely not another boring and full of vague redundant hints self-help book, it is a great bestseller that can have a great positive impact on your present and future.

Smells of Other People’s Houses, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

The edge of the world. Alaska. 1970. Frosty polar nights and endless polar days; deer hunting, fishing boats, and slippery noses of killer whales – against this background, the childhood of the four heroes pass. Ruth has a secret, but she cannot hide it forever. Dora hopes to find a safe home where her father cannot reach her. Alice dreams of dancing on stage but continues to help her father on a fishing boat. Hank and his brothers are planning an escape … In the finale, these four stories of friendship and family, love, and freedom will be woven together.
Everything will be fine. This is the aftertaste of Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock’s novel Smells of Other People’s Houses. Four stories in which the heroes either lose or gain something important. This book is a reminder that accidents are not accidental, that even the seemingly insignificant detail (like a red ribbon in a braid) has its own meaning. This is a novel about how if a person cannot save himself, someone else will surely save him. It is also a novel about a bond that is not linked at all because of a blood relationship.

Getting Things Done (Remastered), David Allen

For the first time, this book was published more than 20 years ago, and of course, principles of time management have somehow changed since then. That is why we recommend reading only the remastered, edited additions starting from 2016th. There, you won’t see outdated information and recommendations, only the most important Allen’s principles of time-management used by CEOs all around the world.
Every year hundreds of new books on time management are published worldwide. However, not more than 1% stay so popular and effective as David Allen’s Getting Things Done. This book is truly practical and covers all the smallest details of efficient time management that can be used both in college and later in professional life.
What you will find useful in this book, is that it merges to your reality, but doesn’t require you to change it. We truly hate management and self-help books that try to make you another person, teach you how to wake up at 4 am, or work 4 hours a week “just because you can.” Here, you will find only simple steps towards getting things done, nothing more.
Here, we have brief advice on getting things done that you won’t find in such books — if you need more time for reading, address a college writing service and delegate some of your essays and other papers to them online. An experienced team of professional academic writers will deal with your writing homework assignments, while you spend time broadening your horizon with a good book.

Immunity: The Science of Staying Well, Jenna Macciochi

Jenna Macciochi, who has spent 20 years researching the immune system and the impact of lifestyle on our health, systematizes the accumulated knowledge and gives scientifically based recommendations for maintaining immunity. The author explains in detail how the immune system works, how it works, what factors can cause health problems, and how to deal with them, and also tells us what we can do to take care of ourselves.
The book has an up-to-date foreword on the coronavirus pandemic and the impact of forced self-isolation on our immune system. It is an important basic knowledge that everyone needs to keep their body healthy and active. Thanks to them, you will not make mistakes, do not spend money on unnecessary drugs, and will understand how to really help yourself and your family.
It provides answers to the most common questions about immunity. Why does someone get sick often and thoughtfully, while someone does not get sick at all? Are vaccinations and antibiotics harmful? How to eat correctly to maintain a healthy immune system? Which of the many recommendations that we read about in the media will really help to take care of the immune system, and which is just advertising?
The book is the result of a long and painstaking work. Learning these things in college, you have all the chances to stay healthy for much longer than your careless peers.

How We’re F***ing Up Our Planet, Tony Juniper

The book tells exactly how all the processes in the world are connected. Economic performance and political weight of states, interests of large corporations and environmental protection, literacy and population size, fossil fuel use and the greenhouse effect, consumerism and its impact on the environment – all this is one big tangle that will have to be sorted out if we want to. save the Earth for new generations.
Despite the mass of facts about global threats, the book contains positive conclusions and gives specific recommendations on what the population, the state, and a specific person can do to save the Earth. It is quite possible to start using the tips from the heading “What can I do” immediately after reading.
We chose different styles and different topics, so you can choose something that answers your mood these days. Share this list with your friends or save it to bookmarks — it is good to have a well-thought-out reading plan just one click away.

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Ted Wilson started academic writing career in 2005. Since then he has tried his hand in SEO, website copywriting, writing papers, and working as an essay writer. His major interests lie in content marketing, developing communication skills, and blogging. He’s also passionate about business, marketing, accounting and literature.

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