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Listen. I wrote the first couple of blog posts for this site a while back. They needed to be approved by the media team, even though they’re on my own site. With the bigger rollout coming though, they decided to let me have a little more freedom.

I don’t think they’re even checking what I’m posting, they’re that focused on the upcoming campaign.

That’s why I feel confident in writing this.

I did something I shouldn’t have. That whole ‘worrying about lots of stuff’, thing? It turned into an ‘out to get me’ thing.

I skipped my updated Neg-Vac and started thinking about what might be going on here.

I wanted to be sure that I was wrong because I really believed in the project, you know? So I tried to grab my file. You can request a copy of your analysis at any time, but it will always miss things out. It’s more like a summary.

Well, more than a summary. But it doesn’t include all the in-depth things that are more relevant to medication levels and stuff. You know, the nitty-gritty, deep-dive bits when it comes to scan readings and things like that. I wanted to see if mine was being changed because it needed to or if it was because they wanted to change it. Like, maybe I’m an experiment again, but without knowing it, I guess?

So, yeah. I tried to sneak my full file away. The printed one. But there was a problem. Security. Co-workers.

I ended up dropping half papers. I did manage to save the full transcript of sim events. And the final summary. It wasn’t until I got to my desk that I realised what I’d done.

I grabbed the wrong file. Or they labelled mine wrong. It has my name on it, but it isn’t about me. I took it anyway.

Fuck, I wish I hadn’t.

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