The Ailuros Project *Updated 5th July, 2021*

Right then, some changes have occurred with The Ailuros Project. As you may know, I’m building up to the release with some in-universe content. The original idea was to run a separate website that covered the Ailuros system and featured a story told through blog posts.

Trying to build up some steam for it through a separate website simply hasn’t worked as well as I’d like. A lot of that is on me because I simply don’t have the time to run two sites at once effectively. So, instead, I’ve moved the entire site here!

What this means is that there is now an Ailuros mini-website right here on Matt Doyle Media. The blog posts have also migrated over. The way this will work is the first couple of posts will be reposted once a day, all this week. After that, the blog story will run weekly. As the mini-site is set within the book’s universe, expect it to be played off as though it were real.

Honestly, I hope you all enjoy it. I’m still super excited to get this book out there.

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