Top 5 Comic Recommendations For Pride Month

What’s this? A second Top 5 post? Yup! As it’s Pride Month, I wanted to do some recommendations for comics that feature positive queer representation. So, in no particular order, these are my Top 5 Comic Recommendations For Pride Month.

seven days monday sunday venio tachibana rihito takarai sublime bl yaoi manga review header

MM Romance: Seven Days: Monday/Sunday by Venio Tachibana & Rihito Takarai

This was a book that was recommended to me by a few people, and I’m really happy I picked it up. Most of my experiences with yaoi/BL manga had been full of the tropes that I’m not fond of, and I was led to believe that this would be more my taste. In short, it was. Seven Days is the story of high school third-year Yuzuru Shino who asks out first-year Toji Seryo, a boy notorious for only dating someone for a week. It’s a really sweet story with a likeable couple that you really want to root for. You can read my full review here.


FF Romance: After Hours by Yuhta Nishio

Another one that was recommended to me by a fellow blogger. After Hours sees Emi abandoned by her friend at a nightclub, only for her to meet a local DJ named Kei. The two ladies hit it off straight away, and romance soon starts to bloom. I loved the set-up of this one, with the club scene really helping the story have a very different feel than I expected. That both characters are adults and dealing with adult worries made this one even more special for me. You can read my review of volume one here. I should really get around to reviewing books two and three too.

Our Dreams At Dusk Shimanami Tasogare 1 Header

Totally Queer: Shimanami Tasogare – Our Dreams At Dusk by Yuhki Kamatani

What more can be said about this groundbreaking title? The story follows Tasuku Kaname as he comes to terms with being gay. He sees a lot of homophobia in his high school, and it’s when he starts talking to a local LGBTQ group that he starts to come to terms with it all. The series shows a realistic portrayal of life in Japan for the queer community, and features representation for gay, lesbian, trans, and asexual people. Honestly, it’s heartbreaking at times. It’s a beautiful story. You can check out my reviews for volumes one, two, three, and four in these links.

sandman universe john constantine hellblazer marks of woe the best version of you comic review header

Bisexual: Constantine – Hellblazer by Various

Having reintroduced himself to the world in DC Legends of Tomorrow, John Constantine is one of the few 80s comic heroes to be canonically bisexual. It isn’t strictly a queer series though, so his orientation isn’t really the focus. No, the focus is on the fact that he’s a foul-mouthed conman with magical powers. That makes this very different from the other entries on this list. If you want a dark story with an anti-hero that does bad things, but usually for the greater good, it’s a great series. You can read my review of his recent adventure here.

A&h Club by Rick Grffin header comic review furry lesbian drama

Furry: A&H Club by Rick Griffin

The furry fandom has long been a home for many LGBTQ people. So, of course, there’s plenty of queer content coming out from furry creators. Rick Griffin is pretty well known in the fandom and in my eyes, A&H Club represents some of his best work. The story follows Adrian, who has been down on her luck since the birth of her son, as she moves in with her old friend Hildegard. Where this book shines is in the way it deals with some really adult themes – like the fallout from an abusive relationship – in a realistic way. Seeing the two ladies begin to grow closer is a joy, and I’m looking forward to further releases.


Of course, there are plenty of other great releases out there too. I asked for some recommendations a little while back, and there are a bunch of suggestions on there that I still need to read too, so if you want some other options, I recommend checking out the comments in that post.

Let me know if you enjoyed any of the recommendations above in the comments below, and feel free to recommend others too.

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