Ailuros Update #3

It’s time for another Ailuros Project update!

Over on the main website, we’ve got a new blog post up, this time dealing with the setting of the book. Now, this was a really fun one to write, and I hope it’s an interesting read too. I talk about how the titular microgravity setting was created in-universe, and why that particular setting is so crucial to the crime reduction system working. Basically, this is part of the background lore that you won’t see in the main book.

Meanwhile, over on the official Twitter account, we’re focussing on ‘Calibration Day.’ This is the first time the project staff monitor how your brain processes things like speech, movement, and so on. What that means is tweets on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday that cover not only the in-universe system but links to articles on the real-world tech it’s all based on. That means fNIRS and EMG monitors, Brain-Computer Interfaces, and using these sorts of scans to aid people with communication.

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