Time Paradox By M Timothy Murray [Book Spotlight]

Time Paradox - M. Timothy Murray

M. Timothy Murray has a new space opera out: Time Paradox. And there’s a giveaway!

The time crew are unexpectedly thrust six hundred years into Thumar’s past, where a planet wide plague is raging. These intrepid time travelers are predestined to find a cure. When they return to the future, they discover their actions dramatically changed their original timeline.

With help from Derak’s brother and the mysterious Time Sentinels of the universe, they set out across time, space, and dimension to fix their time paradox. Can they stop the space-time-continuum from tearing itself apart and destroying the known universe?

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Exclusive Excerpt

Time Paradox meme

Corano Islands

The middle of the fourth week, they encountered a pod of Jhakor, ocean mammals that resembled Earth dolphins. They were one third larger and had twin horizontal tail fins. The fins could be used in tandem or separately. Their noses were longer and more aerodynamic. They slid through the water. This cheered up the ship’s crew. The Captain allowed the crew some time off their duties to observe. Even Prack lost his permanent scowl for a couple of hours. The pod surrounded The Menarme and shadowed them the entire day. The following day, they were greeted by large Whandar. (whale) Some Thumarian ocean mammals were larger than Earths. The Whandar fell into this category. They were almost as long as the ship.

They seemed to enjoy their company, sometimes breaching half of their enormous bodies out of the water. Soon the Jhakor joined them, coming completely out of the water, doing turns and twists mid-air, flying through the water effortlessly in between the Whandar. Both magnificent sea creatures escorted them until sunset, then disappeared. A few days later, the watch noticed a sizable commotion on the water’s surface. The water boiled with action. Fishermen recognized the signs. After receiving permission from the chief, they broke out the fishing nets and had them in the water. Seamus was in the middle of the action, joking and laughing with them. This is what he did in his spare time in his home seaside village.

The main school of fish was off the bow on the port side. Then the waters erupted with Jhakor breaching, flipping, and feeding. This lasted over an hour, and then they vanished. The feeding ball was still large, as witnessed by the considerable catch the fishermen were hauling in. The entire deck crew had to help haul the nets in, filled to overflowing with good-sized fish. Then the waters opened up. An enormous tip of a mouth burst out of the waves, engulfing the remaining fish in seconds, before dropping back into the deep.

The entire crew had never seen such a behemoth in all their combined years sailing the open ocean. The reaction was somewhere between outright fear and awe. Whatever it was, it was longer than the ninety-five feet of The Menarme. The mouth was wide with sharp white teeth the length of a man’s forearm. The sea settled down and they all stood on the weather deck aghast, staring at empty waters where a large school of fish once swam.


Author Bio

Time Paradox - M. Timothy Murray

Tim lives in Nevada City, California, with his wife, Ronna Lee Joseph, and their scrappy cat, Harley. He is involved with several writers groups.

Besides documenting the adventures of Thumar, he writes short stories about talking animals and rude Christmas trees.

Author Website: https://www.thumar1.com

Author Facebook (Personal): https://www.facebook.com/tim.murray.127

Author Facebook (Author Page): https://www.facebook.com/thumaruniverse

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/thumaruniverse1

Author Instagram: https://www.instagram/thumarpublications/

Author Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/66519409-tim-murray

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