Ailuros Update #2

It’s time for another Ailuros update! So, if you head over to, a few changes have been made. For one, there’s now a little line in the footer confirming the site relates to an upcoming book. This is because I had an odd message through the contact form that left me thinking I should really make this clear.

There are also two more blog posts now live on the site. In A Word On Neg-Vac Safety, I talk about the vaccinations used in The Ailuros Project and the dangers/safety precautions related to them. Then, in The Prison Test, I detail the first time the system was used specifically to reduce violent behaviour.

Now, the Twitter account for the project doesn’t yet have a disclaimer about it being book advertising. That’s because of the character limit in the profile section. I’ve made enough of a big deal about this book that it should be obvious though. As of next week, you can expect regular posts there. The general plan is that Monday will see a link to a page on the site, Wednesday will link to a new blog post, and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will see links to real-world articles relating to the page linked on Monday. Some of the tech is wonderfully interesting, so please do keep an eye out for them.

Anyway, let me know what you think about this attempt at marketing by me. I’m enjoying do it so far!

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