Ailuros Update #1

As we draw near to the release of Ailuros, I’ve opened an official site for the book. If you head over to now, you’ll find several things.

First is a full run-down of the technology used in the book. The story features a Government scheme to reduce crime by using Neg-Vacs (Negative Emotion Vaccines). These drugs suppress your destructive emotional responses for 30 days and, at the end of the cycle, you release these in an Alleviation Sim (VR environment populated by your subconscious mind). The brunt of the site for far covers the process in full.

This is all linked up by the official Twitter account, where I’ll be sharing updates and also linking to real-world studies and research into things such as mind-reading technology (which is remarkably workable, by the way).

Finally, on the main site you’ll find the blog page at Here, you can follow along with an in-universe short story that leads up to the book itself. With the book featuring an experimental layout, I wanted to do something similar here, and so am telling the story through a series of blog posts. So, read on to see what led to the events of Ailuros, as told by me.

Check it out, and let me know what you think! Also, please do share some bits from the Ailuros site. I want to get this one out there to as many people as possible. It dealing with vaccinations, distrust in the Government, and the issue of how much control is too much to give someone, it’s a tale that I feel will be quite relevant to a lot of people.

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