The Called By M.D. Neu [Book Spotlight]

The Called - M.D. NeuM.D. Neu has a new MM Paranormal book out, The Calling book two: The Called. And there’s a giveaway!

The world is changing quickly for Chris now that he’s part of the Immortal Community. With the events of his past finally behind him, he’s still having visions and true magic is gradually taking hold in our world. There are new challenges that the Immortals must face, but Chris is still new and has no real standing in the immortal community.

Learning that nothing in the Immortal community is what Chris thought and now having to face new threats, how will his new world unfold? Old enemies must work together and longtime friends may not be trustworthy. Who is lurking in the shadows? Why are they here? What does this mean for witches, immortals and humans?

Can Chris’ visions even be trusted given recent events, and how easily his mind is manipulated? With Juliet, Amanda, and Kirtus by his side they have to prevent the immortal and witch community from being exposed. Can they trust the local witches that are there to assist them? Can they trust their fellow Immortals? New friendships are made, and longtime alliances are called into question. How will The Called defeat these latest threats, and what does it mean for our world?

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The Called meme - M.D. NeuThe question of death returned to me as I reflected on recent events. You die and your body no longer functions. I was wrong. You die and your soul leaves, and what’s left turns to dust. That wasn’t the case.

Everything I thought was no longer my reality.

I sat with a glass of brandy between my hands, focusing on the fire in Juliet’s office. The oranges, reds, and yellows of the flames danced around the logs, releasing a warmth that barely penetrated my worried exterior. The crackling of the fire tickled my ears as the scent of burning pine lingered in and out of my consciousness. A knot tugged the back of my neck. What was this new vision? Worse yet, what did it have to do with me? Not to mention Juliet, Kirtus, Gregor, and the other Immortals.

“Chris.” Juliet’s gentle voice pulled me from my fog of apprehension.

How long had I been like this? A minute? A day? A year? I wasn’t sure. I turned from the fire. Kirtus sat next to me on the sofa, his coat removed, replaced by an air of worry. His red hair, green and gray eyes typically so intoxicating, brought me no joy. Gregor’s tall solid frame blocked one of Juliet’s bookcases, his rugged face a shadow of concern. All of Juliet’s tomes and books, several of them personal journals of her long life, sat there taunting me. Would they be able to unravel this new vision? This new mystery? They were next to no help with the witches, or my father. The monster. I sipped my brandy, hoping it would take the chill from my soul.

I caught Juliet out of the corner of my eye waiting for me to speak. She was patient as always. She sat with her ivory pant-clad leg crossed and a glass of red in her hand, but deep in her stunning eyes there was unease. Despite her apprehension in moments like this, she appeared so young. Nevertheless, behind that façade of youth was the power of an Immortal who had been around for 1650 years. No one should ever underestimate her.

My eyes narrowed on the red, and my stomach flipped, not from hunger or desire but from this new burden I was meant to carry.

“Would you like a glass?” she offered. Her dark blonde hair, normally combed out, was in a ponytail, making her appear all the younger. I caught a whiff of vanilla and roses, her signature scent. I inhaled deeper, hoping it would soothe me.

I shook my head.

“I realize it’s difficult, but please can you tell us the vision again.” Juliet’s voice was a whisper, but the request rang in my head. How many times would I have to retell this story?

I put the half-full brandy glass on the coffee table, recalling the images to me. “I’m standing in some kind of chamber, but it’s not anyplace I’ve been.” I scanned their three faces. “It’s not here.” My heart pounded louder in my chest. I focused on my breathing a bit more before I continued. “In the center, there is what appears to be a formal table of polished stone with nine ornately carved chairs around it. On the wall…” I kept my eyes closed and focused on the wall. “There’s a mural. You’re in it, Juliet; so is Sybil, Garrett, Fernando, Rahim, all the members of the Council of Light.”

“The council chamber in Egypt.” Juliet tapped her finger on the edge of her glass, the noise echoing throughout her office.

The sentence was barely spoken before all the images of my vision flashed back. It was too much, and my eyes flew open. Juliet, Gregor, and Kirtus surveyed me. Considering their strained expressions, they are worried about me. I waved off their unease and shook my head.

“What else?” Gregor’s deep voice cool and calm, but the glance he shared with Juliet betrayed his composure. He didn’t understand what to do with this information any more than I did.

I pulled the vision to my thoughts and continued, “The wall with the mural began to crack and crumble and I smell smoke. The chamber is on fire…” I focused on Juliet. “The stone table crumbles. The chairs burn and everything is in shambles.”

Juliet nodded and sipped her red.

“Something or someone destroyed it, but I didn’t see them.”

“Who could do such a thing?” Kirtus rubbed his hands together. “Only the Council of Light knows the actual location.”

“What else do you see?” Juliet’s peaceful aura melted my worry and fear. After a moment my thoughts cleared. Normally I would be upset at her for using her gift on me, but I needed it. Especially after all that had happened these last few weeks. My mother’s sacrifice to save me and kill my father still haunted me. My father’s death came after we discovered he was in charge of a coven of witches who wanted to destroy the world. It was a battle we had to fight to stop the witches from releasing true magic into our world.

We failed at that. True magic had still seeped into our world before we cut it off.

I had hoped it was all behind us. I wanted things to return to normal, but my gift of being a Seer had other plans. I focused once more on the brandy, wanting a sip but not taking it; my gaze returned to the fire. More of the vision came forward. “As the room fell to ruin and the mural burned, a large carved wooden chair with inlays of gold and decorated with jewels pushed the debris away.” I closed my eyes again. “There was a shadow figure sitting in the chair.”

“Who is it?” Kirtus asked.

“I’m not sure, but I hear his voice.” I pushed my eyes together tighter to help me hear.

“I’ve stayed out of the way of history, but it’s time to return and bring what is right and just back to this world.” I took a breath. “That’s what he said, but I don’t sense malice from him, but I don’t know. Sorrow and pain, maybe. Sacrifice?”

“What does he look like?” Juliet called me to focus.

“He’s tall and he’s wearing some kind of toga with deep crimson and white stripes. I can’t really see anything else.” My eyes fluttered open.

Everyone was silent. The crackle of the fire might as well have been the rumble of a train going through the room. It was unbearable, and I was about to speak.

Kirtus beat me to it. “Why don’t we take a break?”

I shook my head. “It’s fine. After the man vanished, I was standing on a grass-covered pasture. In front of me was a hill with a young girl sitting there laughing and clapping her hands. She had long brown hair and her gaze planted on an oversized full moon. It was impossibly big.” I sighed. “I’m sorry but that’s all.” I slouched deeper in the couch, focusing my own gaze on the ceiling and the rich wood inlays and trim. “I have no idea what any of it means.” The square patterns offered my brain a relaxing, ordered shape.

“That’s okay.” Gregor’s voice was stronger now as if he realized what needed to be done.

Maybe he did. I couldn’t be sure.

“You’ve given us a lot of information to go through. Add that to the reports of magic both Victor and I have seen. There is a lot happening we still have to address,” Gregor continued. “Once we begin to break it down, perhaps more will come to you.”

I faced him. “Maybe. I hope so, because right now, it feels like a whole lot of nothing. Especially when you are already dealing with these other problems.”

“We’re all new to this Seer business.” Kirtus’s hand rested on my leg.

His touch caused a shiver to rush through my body, and right now, all I wanted to do was take him to me, hold him, and get lost in his arms and warm body.

“Plus, it’s not like you haven’t been through a whole lot of hell over the last few weeks.” Kirtus offered me a grin, the single dimple on his left cheek popping out. It melted away more of my worry.

“Is it possible it’s another witch?” Kirtus asked. “Especially if magic is involved.”

He must have already known about the reports of magic being seen both in San Jose and up in San Francisco. Either way he didn’t seem surprised by this news. Or, he could have an amazing poker face.

I turned toward Juliet, who had left the chair she was sitting in and walked over to her office windows to look out. Her ivory pants and jade-green shirt somehow still looked as crisp as the moment she had glided into my bedroom only a few hours ago.

“I doubt it’s a witch, especially given the comment about staying out of histories way and setting things right.” Juliet’s voice was tight. “The clothing Chris describes is a Roman Senator, I think.” She turned to me and the others. “Another Immortal, maybe, one from the fall of Rome.”

“That doesn’t narrow the list down.” Gregor pulled at his goatee. “Especially if we include the Dark.” His frown stretched farther across his face. “Perhaps we need to talk to Victor.”

“I can ask him,” Kirtus offered. “He mentioned he wanted to see me this week.” He tried not to grimace.

Was it about the lieutenant position and the posting as his representative to the Council of Light? What he mentioned to me earlier tonight? Was that what he wanted to speak to him about?

“Thank you.” Gregor offered a slight bow of his head. “Juliet, is there anyone you know who can help with this?” He walked over to the golden cart with the bottles of alcohol and red on it. He poured himself a glass of red. “What about the witches you know here? What about the local coven? You have a good relationship with them. What about the one who charmed this estate?”

Juliet’s lips pulled into a small frown. She crossed over to the cart and poured herself another glass of red.

“I could have gotten you that.” Gregor’s tone was gentle.

She waved him off before she sipped her drink. “He’s a Healer, not a witch, and I’m not sure if he will assist us; we have an unfortunate history.” She held her drink in one hand and pulled a book from the shelf. She turned to her desk and walked to her seat, a quiet, far-off look about her.

I peeked over at Kirtus. “We should go.” I stood and glanced over to Juliet. “You have a lot on your plate with the reports of magic. I’m sorry I’ve added to the burden, but with this new vision I figured you needed to know.”

“Chris, if you see anything else…” She trailed off.

“Of course.”

“Thank you, Chris.” Gregor extended his hand. “This new vision and perhaps the magic we’ve seen may be related.”

“I hope not.” The pull of Kirtus’s body helped me realize he was by my side. “I’ll see if I can track down anyone on my end.” He glanced over to Juliet. “My network isn’t nearly as broad as yours, but you never know.”

“I think we’ll need all the help we can get,” Gregor affirmed.

I spared a worried glance at Juliet. Something was bothering her, and it wasn’t just my vision or the reports of magic. I didn’t recognize what it was, but I understood my creator well enough to leave her be. She would tell me once she had processed her thoughts and all my vision information.

She met my gaze. “Yes, we’ll speak more. Thank you for understanding.”

“Of course.” I took Kirtus’s hand, and we walked out of her office for the second time tonight.

Author Interview


Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

I think we all read our reviews, whether we should or not is a different story. With good reviews I tend to promote them and share them out, to see if I can get more interest (and by extension more sales) in the book. Good reviews are excellent for marketing and PR. When it comes to negative reviews I see if there is anything to be learned from them. If a reader genuinely didn’t like that book, then I accept the review for what it is, a difference in opinion, if there is something wrong with the storytelling or worse the proofing or editing, I will definitely try and address that as best as I can, or make a note of it for the next story I’m working on.

Are you a plotter or a pantster?

I’m a mix of both. Sometimes I’ll get an idea, or a character will come forward and tell me the overview of their story. Some will only come forward and introduce themselves. With either the character or the idea I will sometimes write a blurb/summary of the story. Just so I know that I have an idea of how the story will look. From there I will write out goals for the story or big plot points, a list of characters, locations, and dates. If that format works I will try and do that for the whole story or key chapters.

With those details in place, I start to write the story.

However, on the flip side, I will get an idea or character and sit down and start to write their story as they tell it to me. It’s not until about a quarter of the way into the story that I have any idea of this will pan out and become a story. The more I write the more I get to know the world and I’m able to feel and see my way through. Writing like this is a lot of fun, but it can be more work, because as I go I have to add characters, change settings, add locations, change characters, etc. so writing like this, as much fun as it can be ends up being quite challenging.

What advice do you wish you’d had before releasing your first story?

The advice I wish I had before I released my first novel was how hard everything that comes after the publishing is. The marketing, the PR, getting reviews, cultivating interest, finding an audience, all that. Everyone thinks that once you write the book or release it, the hard part is over and that’s not the case. The work is only beginning. If you want to try and make a name for yourself, you have to continue to release and write new works, you have to market the heck out yourself, you have to go where the audience is, and sadly you have to be willing to spend money, often without seeing the returns of that invest for a long time.

As I mentioned above, the other hidden factor in all this is the cost.  Now I’m very lucky, I have a publishing house behind me and that helps out some, but most of what I mentioned above comes out of my pocket and from my book sales. Then there are the additional costs; do you want to turn your book into an audiobook? If you can’t find a royalty share voice actor, then you will have to pay some out of pocket costs. Do you want to have your book translated into other languages? If your publisher doesn’t offer that service, then translation work going to be out of your pocket. Audiobooks and translations are huge expenses (with potentially high payoffs), and if you don’t get them from your publisher, then you are paying for these services on your own and assuming all the risks.

Even with the big five publishing houses the times have changed yes, they may provide translation and audiobooks, which is great, but their marketing efforts are more reliant on the author these days unless you’re someone famous.

I wish someone would offer a class on all this for new authors, not to dissuade them from writing but to educate them on the less sexy aspects of being an author. You can’t hit publish on Amazon and expect things to happen for you.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Knowing that The Called would be the end for these characters. That after this book there would be no more and all the characters living in my head, would be done. It was a bittersweet journey because I needed these characters to have a fitting ending. I wanted to ensure they all had their moment and would be at peace with where they end up. I think I accomplished that and even with this ending if I ever want to explore this world again, I can do that, maybe through the eyes of a different character.

What secondary character would you like to explore more? Tell me about him or her.

Honestly, there are a couple. I would love to learn more about Juliet and Victor, there is a past there and I would love to dive into it.  You can get hints of this history in The Called, but you can also learn more about these two in a couple of character interviews they did check them out:

Victor is here:

Juliet is here: Juliet is also here:

These are all short reads and quite a bit of fun. It also explains why I think exploring Juliet and Victor would be a lot of fun.

Describe yourself using…

Food – I’m a hamburger

Animal – I’m a dog

Drink – I would be something fruity (duh) but strong

Place – I’m totally Disneyland

I started explaining my selections but they read very dirty so I stopped (I have the mind of a teenage boy sometimes). Anyway, when you start with two fluffy buns and big beefy meat you know it can’t go anywhere good from there.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, wanted to be an architect. I loved drawing random building that probably could never actually stand and creat odd buildings with Lego. In fact, I still have quite the Lego collection today. That was my dream as a kid, I even took classes in architecture design and worked as a Drafter for an engineering firm. One of the buildings (a parking structure) I worked on is right here in San Jose so it’s fun to drive by and see the building standing there knowing that part of my design (well, drafting work) is still there.

We know what you like to write, but what do you like to read in your free time, and why?

When I get to sit down and read, I love Sci-Fi or Fantasy. I love getting swept up in other worlds for a great adventure. On the rare occasion, I enjoy a romance story (I enjoy it even better if it’s in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy realm). Reading for me is about escape, so when I can do that, I’m a happy camper. Sadly, I don’t get to read a lot these days. When I do I’m reading as a Beta Reader or ARC reader for fellow authors, still, I try and pick stories that I know I’ll enjoy, but that isn’t always the case either, which does mean I get to read a unique selection of both Queer stories and Straight stories.


Author Bio

M.D. Neu is an international award-winning inclusive queer Fiction Writer with a love for writing and travel. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) and growing up around technology, he’s always been fascinated with what could be. Specifically drawn to Science Fiction and Paranormal television and novels, M.D. Neu was inspired by the great Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Stephen King, Alice Walker, Alfred Hitchcock, Harvey Fierstein, Anne Rice, and Kim Stanley Robinson. An odd combination, but one that has influenced his writing.

Growing up in an accepting family as a gay man he always wondered why there were never stories reflecting who he was. Constantly surrounded by characters that only reflected heterosexual society, M.D. Neu decided he wanted to change that. So, he took to writing, wanting to tell good stories that reflected our diverse world.

When M.D. Neu isn’t writing, he works for a non-profit and travels with his biggest supporter and his harshest critic, Eric his husband of twenty plus years.

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