How To Choose Public Storage Before You Travel

How To Choose Public Storage Before You Travel

By Amanda Kim


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic rendered us sitting ducks as the entire globe locked down, putting a pause on everything, top of that list being travel.

Following the revelation and subsequent administration of the vaccine, however, most travel diaries are getting busy all over again as the world opens up and global travel resumes.

With travel, however, comes the responsibility of planning for the trip in advance. In addition to booking your travel and accommodation, you also need to make plenty of other necessary arrangements not just to facilitate the trip, but also to ensure you’ve tied up everything before you leave.

There’s nothing like going on a trip with the knowledge that you’ve tied up all loose ends, more so when you plan to be away for a while. It gives you some much-needed peace of mind, leaving you to fully immerse yourself in your holiday, whether it’s a leisure or business trip; probably a combo.

From sorting out all your bills to making plans for your pets, there are many boxes you need to tick before you embark on your travels.

Now, one of the most important things you need to do is plan for how your belongings will be protected while you’re away.

Sure, you have your own home where you can leave everything locked up, but what do you do with the security of unsupervised belongings? Ditto sensitive possessions like artwork and jewellery that you can’t afford to gamble with?

In such instances, a self-storage facility makes a lot of sense. This is an affordable solution that stores all kinds of belongings for you on their premises until such a time that you’re ready to pick them up.

The thing is, though, storage facility providers do not come equal.

Here’s how to go about choosing a storage company to ensure you end up with a reputable provider who has your best interests at heart.

Decide on the size of the storage unit

Self-storage units are available in different sizes. Some are small to hold only a few items, while others are large enough to accommodate an entire household.

Once you make a decision on the things you’ll be keeping in public storage, choose an ideal storage unit that can hold everything comfortably.

Choose the right facility

Next, you need to choose a storage facility that accommodates your needs. This is not a decision you want to make in a hurry as you’ll be trusting this company with your valuable possessions.

Do your homework, get references, and check out what reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Reviews say. Visit the facility in person and inspect the unit(s) up-close so you’re certain everything is clean and well-secured.

Consider a climate-controlled storage unit

Storage units can either be standard or climate-controlled. If you intend to store sensitive items like wood furniture, artwork, or electronics, you might want to opt for a climate-controlled unit over its regular alternative.

While costlier, your valuables will be safer in the climate-controlled option which protects your items from extreme climate changes, including regulating heat and humidity. The conditions also help fend off pests.

Monthly storage fees

As with any other offering, the cost of public storage differs from one company to the next.

As you’ll notice, some are considerably cheaper than others, but avoid basing your choice on the lowest-priced option that you find. That’s because you might have to trade off some features for the low price.

For instance, a cheap storage unit may not come with climate control. Or good 24/7 security. The cost could also be influenced by aspects like the size of the storage unit or the length of time you plan to keep your items in storage.

Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for before you put pen to paper.

Also importantly, be on the same page with the storage company as regards any extra fees you might incur. Some companies are known to sneak in additional fees you might not be aware were applicable.

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