Top 5 Games That Deserve Modern Remasters

Welcome, one and all, to another random list! In recent years, we’ve seen a plethora of remasters pop up in the gaming world, from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy to Resident Evil 2. Though the classics often still stand up well, most of these remasters have been really strong offerings. I wanted to have a look at a few games that would benefit from this treatment. So, these are my Top 5 Games That Deserve Modern Remasters.

Dino Crisis is the first game I wanted to mention, partially because I know I’m not the only one who wants it. When the game came around, it was originally expected to be Resident Evil with dinosaurs. To a degree, it was, but it did a few really nice things differently. Allowing the player to shoot while moving was a great touch, and having the dinosaurs being able to knock the weapons out of your hands was excellent. Remastering Dino Crisis with the modern RE Engine would be so, so welcome, especially if they rebuild it from the ground up like they did with RE2.

Switching genres for a moment, 1999’s RPG/digital pet game Digimon World was a fun but unexceptional game. The visuals were nice but not fantastic, the sound was tinny but not awful, and the plot was fine but there wasn’t enough of it. That would be the key to making this one work, I think. Everything would need to be expanded. More story, more Digimon from across the seasons, and more attention to detail in the aesthetics.

Returning to horror, the next one I want to mention is Project Zero, aka Fatal Frame. This ghost story was absolutely terrifying on the PS2, relying on a combination of atmosphere and making you feel underpowered to tackle what you need to. I’d actually like this one to be moved into the first-person perspective with the option to play in VR. Walking around the old mansion, catching movement out the corner of your eye in a totally immersive state like that would be awesome!

Moving to something newer, the 2002 GameCube action-adventure game Star Fox Adventures is one I always felt was underrated. It was a visually beautiful game for its time, and the departure from the usual Star Fox formula was what made it for me. At times though, the gameplay felt a little stiff, and battles sometimes felt a little repetitive. Revamping the way the combat plays out would be the most important thing here. Give the game some more variety to go with the visual beauty, and it would be a winner in my eyes.

Finally, I want to mention a bit of a surprise entry for the list: the 1998 FMV/Point-and-Click release, The X-Files: The Game. This would, of course, need the TV cast on board to voice the characters. Convert the FMVs to remastered scenes built with a modern graphic engine and incorporate them as seamless parts of the gameplay and you would, I think, have something interesting here. It was always a game that had potential, after all, it just fell short of that.


So, those are my five picks for games that need remasters. But what about yourselves? What classics – or near-misses – would you like to see remastered on modern systems? Let me know in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Games That Deserve Modern Remasters

    1. I had to look up Tetris Attack. My word, that looks frantic!
      LOL. I don’t think I’m undefeated on any game these days. I was in the world top 10 for speedrunning Imperial Tower in Sonic Forces for about a week though. I think I’m still top 30. I’ll go back to that one when I have the time.
      There are so many calls for Dino Crisis that I’m surprised we haven’t seen it announced yet. There’s clearly a eant for modern reworkings of the older survival horror.

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