Why Should You Enrol Your Kid For Online Violin Lessons?

Why Should You Enrol Your Kid for Online Violin Lessons?

By Agnes John

Did you know that most musicians who impacted their generations started their careers early in life? Children are easier to mould into anything they are destined to become. That’s why someone said that it’s easier to build a child than to repair a spoiled adult.

Likewise, you can orient your kids into music by signing them up for violin lessons. Violin is a popular instrument your kids can start learning and mastering at a tender age. Laying an early foundation in them pays invaluable dividends as they grow up. Here are the top reasons to orient them at this tender age.


Teaching your kids to play violins helps them develop self-discipline and hard work. It teaches kids how to hold the instrument, where to place the bow, and where to put their feet. These lessons also introduce them to delayed gratification because mastering a violin has a steep learning curve. They learn how to endure many days of practice, which may amount to years as they wait to achieve their desired goals. This way, they get off the web of instantaneous gratification syndrome that has entangled this generation. They grow knowing that anything valuable in this life requires time and patience.

Academic Success

Academic success is another reason to enrol your child in violin lessons. A 2001 study the College Entrance Examination Board conducted showed music learners scored 63 additional points on verbal tests and 44 extra in mathematical tests, compared to those who didn’t. The same students also had a higher SAT percentage.

This study isn’t isolated because another one the National Educational Longitudinal conducted in 1988 revealed data that high school music scholars scored higher GPAs than their counterparts who didn’t participate in music. So, what do these figures say about orienting your children into violin lessons early in life?

First, playing the violin can sharpen your child’s academic ability in difficult subjects like mathematics. The scales children learn in their violin lessons assist them in creating fractions and recognizing patterns. Second, playing the violin and other musical instruments allow your kids to master basic physics principles. So, enrolling your kids this early doesn’t interfere with their other studies. Instead, it empowers your children to excel in class.

Improved Coordination Skills

Coordination skills are necessary at every life stage. Your child is better placed to improve their coordination skills when you enrol them in violin classes. Violin classes let your children coordinate many things simultaneously. The child plays with one hand while coordinating with another. One hand plays the strings to achieve the relevant tones. Meanwhile, the other hand holds the violin’s bow and the correct strings to make the desired tone. The young ones also learn how best to coordinate their mental activations (thoughts) while coordinating their physical activities.

It Boosts Self-esteem

Self-esteem and confidence are critical components in your child’s proper development. Exposing your child to violin classes brings them into contact with other students and teachers. These two groups can offer valuable criticism requiring your child’s acceptance to improve. Their ability to turn negative feedback into positive changes enables them to build their self-confidence.

Inversely, your child gets opportunities to make constructive criticism that helps others up their game. How would your kid feel if they saw their honest negative feedback assisting their classmate in improving? Definitely, they would feel good about themselves and get encouraged to move forward.

Improved Intelligence Level

Playing the violin is a physical and mental exercise that improves the child’s two dimensions. The child needs to use their brains to recognize the right pitch and tone as they finger and bow the violin to play a certain song. Consequently, the process promotes brain cell and neuron connection, boosting your kid’s intelligence levels. The process is a form of mental gymnastics that stretches the child’s mind.

Improved Neural Firing and Memory Skills

Lastly, your child benefits from improved neural firing and memory skills. It’s an open secret that this generation suffers severe memory problems due to people’s busy lives. The educational system also burdens kids with school work. Thankfully, your child can improve their memory power by playing the violin.

When your child plays the violin and other musical instruments, the playing activates and syncs unique neural firing patterns that open up the brain to connect to various sites simultaneously. This neural syncing increases brain functionality and builds better memories.

Do you need to hear more? Not for now because what this post discussed is enough to inspire you to register your child for violin lessons. Act today and give your child an early foundation in their music career.

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