Poll: Which Horror Icon Would Win In A Fight To The Death?

Welcome, one and all, to another poll. Last time around, I asked you all to vote for your favourite yokai. There was a clear cut winner here. While both the Tanuki and Other categories got 12.5% of the votes, it was the Kitsune that walked away with the victory, stealing away 75% of the total votes!

This time around, we’re changing direction a little. Across films, comics, and games, there have been plenty of crossover battles between horror movie villains. I figured it was time I threw some of my favourites into the ring for a five-way battle to the death. So, check out the competitors below and vote for…Which Horror Icon Would Win In A Fight To The Death?

Fighting out of Elm Street, this razer gloved villain is here to be your nightmare. He is the Springwood Slasher, the son of a hundred maniacs, and the true dream master. This is… Freddy Krueger!

He hails from the darkest past of Camp Crystal Lake. This machete-wielding monster will take you to Hell and back, and he sure ain’t no Momma’s boy. This is… Jason Vorhees!

Coming to you tonight from the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, he is the Boogeyman that cannot be killed. Tonight, he is here to prove that he is the true evil on two legs. This is… Michael Myers!

This New Orleans native is here to paint a picture of brutality. Sweets may be for the sweet, but the man in the mirror judges harshly. This is… The Candyman!

From the outer regions of pleasure and pain, he comes to chain you to your fate. To some, he is known as the Cold Man, to others, the Hell Priest. This is… Pinhead!


So, with these five squaring off, who do you think will emerge victorious? Drop a vote in the poll below and let me know why you voted for who you did in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Poll: Which Horror Icon Would Win In A Fight To The Death?

  1. A part of me thinks Jason would because… that motherfudger does not ever seem to want to die haha. I haven’t seen the franchises involving Pinhead, so I can’t comment on them versus Jason. Candyman is cool, in a very creepy way (can you believe the practical effects in the first film?!), but I dunno if he’d stand a chance against Jason or Michael. I’d love a film where Jason and Michael Myers go head to head.

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      1. I’m both excited and dreading the remake. I remember during a very specific scene in the first one, I had to look away because I felt like they were all around me and stuff. SO creepy. But that’s what made it so fantastic.

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      2. Exactly. There was a scene in the second that did the same to me. The trailer for the new one gives me hope. It’s not a remake though, it follows the mum from the run down area from the first one in her later years. Played by the same person too.

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  2. Pinhead would win!

    1. If he’d show up people won’t have nightmares of Freddy but of his messed up stuff. So Freddy dies
    2. No one can say Candyman in the mirror 3 times if the Pinhead fuses your mouth shut first. I dont think a hook or bees will do much to Pinhead.
    3. All Mike Myers kills hapoen sneakily or because he us under-estimated, Pinhead is the smartest villiain on this list, defo smarter as Laurie Strode
    4. Jason would be the biggest contestant, but I am pretty sure Pamela Voorhees is in hell. Pinhead could create a Pamela Xenobyte which defeats Jason, even if he cant I am pretty sure that Jason was defeated once by sending him to hell.

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  3. I am going with Freddy. In my opinion he is on the same level as Pinhead and Candyman, but wins due to creativity and ingenuity. Jason and Mike are unstoppable forces but only in the physical sense. Thus Freddy can subdue them both.

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      1. Yea, well… I would say Freddy had the problem of becoming more of a joke in the later years. Where as the others remained serious and relevant. Well yea, Jason did go to space but he was still threatening and never once made a pun about playing Nintendo. I’ve always thought Freddy was insanely powerful. Freddy vs Jason demonstrated that his powers far exceed the bounds of fearful children. Plus unlike a Cenobyte or Candyman, Freddy can appear without summons. His power does come from a Dream Demons though and thus may be restricted but Pinhead gets his power from Leviathan. But even Pinhead is extremely limited… especially against other demons. This is demonstrated in Hellraiser 2 where Dr. Channard literally slays each Cenobyte with ease. This is because while Cenobytes are “demons” they still exist and are limited on a physical level. From what I can tell, Freddy cannot die in the dream world. Since the way of killing him is by bringing him into the physical one. Ehh, all this is just jabber from someone that obviously watches so much horror that it’s all he knows. Freddy is still the best.

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      2. I’ve gotta she with you there. Nightmare 4-6 felt so different to me. It wasn’t until New Nightmare that Freddy felt truly threatening again.


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