Repairs Of The House From The Notebook

Repairs of the House From The Notebook

By Irene Chen

In The Notebook, the main plot revolves around Noah Calhoun trying to prove his love for Allie Hamilton. The two can’t be together because Allie’s family is high-class, while Noah’s family is poor. However, by renovating the Windsor Plantation, Noah expresses how much he loves Allie. However, the repairs are more complicated than you might expect. Here’s how Noah would have to repair the house from The Notebook.

1. Creating a Vision

The first step, of course, is to create a vision for the eventual final product. By making a vision for the house, Noah knows exactly what he hopes to achieve with it. Allie also has some input into it – she notes, for example, that she wants the house to be white, with blue shutters. The vision of the house is what Noah works on for years as he attempts to create the perfect home for him and Allie.

2. The Tearing-Down Process

The next step would be to tear down anything that Noah didn’t want in the final home design. In the movie, you see part of this process. Noah attaches his pickup truck to the railing of the second-story porch and tears it down. He does that to remove the second-story porch so there’s only a third-story porch, allowing the columns on the house to stretch two stories uninterrupted.

3. Creating New Rooms

Next, Noah would have to create the new rooms that he wanted to outfit all around the house. For example, the dining room initially has a neglected piano and all sorts of cobwebs all over the room. When Allie comes back, Noah has refinished the piano and crafted a dining room table all by himself. He also creates a painting room for Allie, including ensuring that the painting room is outfitted with the necessary elements so she can paint in it. Lastly, he would have had to go into the structure of the home and make sure it was actually safe to live in, which may have included refitting electrical and plumbing systems, levelling the foundation, and refinishing the floor.

4. The Finishing Touches

Last, but certainly not least, Noah puts in the work necessary to create the finishing touches. In the original home, there were all sorts of bramble and overgrown trees throughout the yard, which Noah removes to replace with a furnished lawn. Lastly, he puts in a coat of paint, finally materializing what Allie said she had wanted from the home: white, with blue shutters.


The repair process for the house from The Notebook is more intense than you might think on first glance. That’s partially because the repair process would be pretty boring to show on screen. The refurbishing process especially wouldn’t be too fun to watch. However, all that work he puts into the home offscreen definitely pays off and watching Allie discover the repairs is way more fulfilling than it would be to watch each scene individually as Noah does it to create the perfect home.

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