FNaF: Security Breach Fan Theory: Gregory Is Vanny’s Adopted Son

Welcome, one and all, to another gaming post. You may remember my post about the Top 5 Things I Want To See In FNaF: Security Breach. Well, I’m still feeling pretty hyped about the game. So, since I enjoyed working on my Blaze the Cat fan theory for the Sonic franchise, I figured I’d do something similar for this upcoming title.

So, this theory revolves around Gregory, the little boy we appear to be playing as. One thing that we know for sure is that the security guard, Vanessa, mentions getting Gregory out before the morning. That means that he’s trapped in the FNaF themed mall overnight. The question is…why wouldn’t his parents be looking for him? Presumably, they either took him to the mall or know that he likes to go there, so you’d think that they’d be searching for him when he didn’t come, wouldn’t you? Well, I think I can explain that.

I think Gregory might be Vanessa’s adopted son.

So, if that’s the case, why would Gregory be running from Vanessa? Well, we know that Vanessa is Vanny, the bunny suited servant of Glitchtrap that was introduced in FNAF: Help Wanted. We also know that Vanny is trying to catch Gregory. At the same time, we see a shot in the gameplay that appears to show Vanessa watching in fear as Gregory is whisked away from her in an elevator.

Now, this all ties up with her role as the ‘Reluctant Follower’ in Help Wanted. You see, Glitchtrap began influencing her, becoming a voice in her head. She was still reluctant to follow him, though. That means that part of her is likely still trying to break free from his influence. So, here’s what I think is happening.

The Scott Games website, during the build-up to the game reveal, contained a hidden conversation in the site’s source code. This was as follows: Stay the course. I will. Focus on my voice. I will. Don’t let anyone lead you astray. I won’t. Have you selected one? I have.

This was obviously Glitchtrap talking to Vanny. I think he convinced her to adopt a child, with his overall intent being to use the boy as a vessel for his resurrection. Vanny then raised the child, waiting for the mall to open so she could enact her master’s plan at the right time. Being a single Mum, she started bringing him to work, keeping him close by for when the time came. That way, he wouldn’t be afraid of being there, and coming in at night wouldn’t feel wrong to him.

During this time though, Gregory became Vanny’s anchor to reality, and she grew to care for him. So, when it came to be time for her to sacrifice the boy, she was reluctant. She argued with Glitchtrap, but he was eventually able to exert control over her again. Now, Gregory, I think will catch the tail end of this conversation, and hear his Mum talking about sacrificing him. That’s why he runs away, and why we’re supposed to help him avoid Vanessa during the game.

But…does that all tie in with why Freddy is helping Gregory while the other animatronics are hunting him down? Actually, yes! In the AR Mobile game  Special Delivery, we learn that Vanny pretended to be a senior IT representative to prevent the Glitchtrap virus from being removed. What if she really did end up secretly working on an anti-virus to destroy Glitchtrap once she found that she really did care for Gregory?

Knowing that the planned night was coming and she might not be able to escape Glitchtrap’s control, she installed the anti-virus in Freddy and set him up to protect Gregory, just in case she couldn’t. As a result, Glitchtrap is unable to exert control over Glamrock Freddy in the way he does the rest of the gang.

This will all culminate in Glitchtrap getting desperate. That shot we saw of the creepy hand crawling out from behind a wall in the trailer is, I think, Glitchtrap. Seeing that both Vanny and the animatronics had failed, he will possess the leftover parts and begin chasing Gregory as a horrifying metallic monster. He’ll come after us with the sole goal of taking Gregory to be his vessel, and that is where we’ll learn that Vanny has been fighting her master’s voice, and really is trying to save Gregory. We’ll learn about the anti-virus and her love for her son, and she’ll seemingly sacrifice herself to save him, only for Gregory to have to fight anyway. When Gregory wins the final encounter, it will be revealed that Vanessa survived and they’ll leave together, though there will be signs that Vanny is still lurking inside the security guard.

Anyway, that’s my random theory. But what do you think? Could Gregory be Vanny’s son? Let me know in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “FNaF: Security Breach Fan Theory: Gregory Is Vanny’s Adopted Son

  1. It makes perfect sense for Gregory to be related someway to Vanessa/Vanny. Whether she is his mum I am not sure about. I do think Vanessa is Vanny. For me it is the title that suggests that. Security ‘Breach’. Focus on the word Breach. A breach suggests that someone or something pretended to be a friend to get into the pizza plex. The only two people in the building apart from Vanny is Gregory and guess who. Yep. VANESSA! This must mean that Vanny and Vanessa are connected some way.

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  2. You know what , that makes sense very good . At the beginning of the game Greggory is already in the hatch of Freddy’s body , how did he get ther in the first place and your part about Greggory coming at nights with his mom support it well . Maybe your theory is true , who knows but i suggest sharing it with Mat Pat

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  3. I disagree. In one of the endings, we see Gregory running into an alley. There is a makeshift bed there, made of cardboard and newspapers. He settles there. This implies that he is homeless. Would also explain why he was in the mall: warmth and shelter. If he was her son, why would he be on the streets? The last thing we see in that ending is a shadow of Vanny, though. Still, I assume Vanessa has a home. But Gregory had clearly been on the streets for a while.

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    1. Yeah, I just saw that in a video. This theory was written and posted back in April though, so long before the game came out. So, while it turned out not to be correct, I’m happy with it as a piece of pre-release guesswork.


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