Top 5 Weirdest Music Videos

Welcome, one and al, to a new Top 5 post! Today, I’m diving back into the world of music to give you my picks for the… Top 5 Weirdest Music Videos! Let’s dive right in.


Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

Perhaps the tamest entry on the list, this is an excellent song that features a bonkers music video. Partially animated, it has a really surreal quality to it that I’m pretty sure took some influence from the last entry on this list. Give the Icelandic folk-rockers a shot.


Igorrr – Very Noise

Igorrr is a French musician that likes to mix music genres. This particular track is from the 2020 release, Spirituality and Distortion. Honestly, my first reaction to the video was, ‘what am I watching?’ Having watched it a few times now, I’m still not really sure what the answer to that question is. All I know for sure is that the song relaxes my husky.


ODDKO- Distortion

These industrial metallers self-produce their own videos under the banner Void N’ Disorder. Far from looking amateurish though, the company head – and band vocalist – Giovanni Bucci is an experienced director and motion designer. And boy does it show in this strange, futuristic piece. Equal parts intriguing and disturbing, it’s a really great video.


DIR EN GREY – Obscure

I remember seeing this for the time when it was a new video and even then, I was definitely a fan of the effort the Japanese act put into it. The CG may look a bit dated now, but you can see how hard the band worked to be… well… disturbing with this one. I think it’s possibly the tree scene that creeped me out the most.


The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

We started the list with an airship, and we’re finishing it with an airship. This is easily my favourite track by the Chicago band and a real classic in artistic music videos. The whole thing feels very intentionally surreal but in a really good way. If you haven’t seen it before, now’s a good opportunity.


So, those were my five weirdest music videos. But what about you? What did you think of my picks? What videos would you include? Let me know in the comments below!

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