Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of All Time

Top 10 Cutest Anime Girls Of All Time

By Charbel Rami


Hey guys, We have the most interesting topic today. The cutest anime girl. Are you searching for them, No worries we have prepared a list based on fan’s favorites.

Starting from number 10 the girl on our list is:-


10. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory is the Heroine of the anime High School DXD. She has crimson-colored hair resembling fire due to which she is called “Crimson Haired Ruin Princess”. Rias is the president of “Occult Club”.

(Image From Pinterest)

She has a charming aura around her which draws in anybody that’s how our protagonist of the series Issei gets mesmerized by her.

Rias has a kind and protective nature which makes her more adorable. Many fans are obsessed with her venomous charming personality.


9. Esdeath

Esdeath is the antagonist of the anime, Akame ga Kill. She has blue dazzling hair and blue eyes that resemble ice due to which she is called “Ice Queen”. She has an intense obsession with the protagonist of the series, Tatsumi, ever since she saw him fight in the competition.

(Image from Pinterest)

She has a dominating personality. She has the most powerful Imperial Arm as her weapon.

Esdeath is the commander of the Imperial Force but she can also be and soft-spoken and normal girl especially in her moments with Tatsumi.


8.Erina Nakiri

Erina is the main heroine of the anime series Food Wars. She has pink eyes and long blonde hair which extends to her lower back. She is called “God’s Tongue” due to her ability to tell the ingredients of the food by tasting it.

(Image From DeviantArt)

She has a charming personality all around. Her life is greatly influenced by the protagonist of the series  Yukihira Souma.

She has amazing cooking skills and is a master in the culinary arts.

Erina resembles her mother a lot. Erina’s true beauty is unleashed when she is cooking.


7. Shirayuki

Shirayuki is the main heroine of the anime series  Snow White with Red Hair. As the name of the anime suggests the color of her hair is stunning red, which gives her character a unique look.

(Image From Pinterest)

Shirayuki has a kind and caring nature which is the true essence of her personality. She is saved by the main character of the series, Zen Wistaria. Her aspiring personality greatly influences the life of Zen.

Her personality traits lie in determination and the ability to overcome hurdles.


6. Cardia Beckford

Cardia Beckford is the main heroine of the anime Code: Realize. She has glossy green eyes with lush brown hair.

She has pale white skin. She is called “Princess Mademoiselle”.

(Image From Jack’s Media Stop)

Cardia has a Sleeping Princess like personality. She is saved by the protagonist of the series Arsene Lupin. She is an innocent girl which makes all of the viewers feel for her and makes her stand out from the other characters.

Cardia gets quite a character development throughout the series which makes her even more lovable.

The true essence of her personality lies in courage and determination, which she has shown us throughout the series.


5. Yona

Yona is the main heroine of the anime Yona of the Dawn. She has purple stunning eyes and crimson red hair which make her look attractive. She is often called “Rena”.

(Image From Pinterest)

She is a shut-in princess living in the castle unaware of the outside world. She got the protagonist of the series Son Hak as her companion.

Yona has been through a lot of hardships throughout her life, which makes her personality very humble.

The most prominent part of her personality is her bravery with which she rises from the bottom to the top.


4. Zero Two

Zero Two is the main heroine of the anime Darling in the Franxx. She has stunning green eyes and pink flashy hair with horns over which she wears a hairband. Her horns provide a unique and charming touch to her overall aesthetic and character design.

(Image From Dexerto)

Zero Two has a clumsy and leading personality but sometimes she shows her hidden monstrous identity which may sound terrifying but her fans are mesmerized by it.

Zero Two is a Human-Klaxo Sapien due to which she carries two personalities. She meets Hiro (also known as “Code 016”) through fate and her life is greatly influenced by him.

She also goes through character development throughout the series. The most exciting scene of her includes piloting a Franxx with Hiro.


3. Chisato Mizusawa

Chisato Mizusawa is the main heroine of the anime Love is Like a Cocktail. She has enchanting blue eyes with stunning spectacles and remarkable blonde hair. She is absolutely beautiful.

(Image From Reddit)

She is living a married life with Sora. The anime is centered upon their lovely daily life and cute moments together.

Chisato is called “Chi Chan” by her husband. Chisato is an excellent worker with splendid qualities but there is a hidden side to her which is also explored in the anime.

She has all the qualities to be a perfect waifu for anime fans. You might get jealous of Sora for having such a beautiful wife sometimes but don’t worry, we have a solution for you. You can get yourself your very own anime waifu body pillow from Waifu For Laifu.

The true charm of her personality lies within her honesty and her love for her husband.


2. Juliet Persia

Juliet Persia is the main heroine of the anime Boarding School Juliet. She has light blue eyes with stunning blonde hair extending to her shoulders.

(Image From Wallpaper Cave)

She is called “Per-Chan” by her childhood friend. She has a kind and noble personality due to her humble upbringing. She is the leader of White Cats.

Persia’s best personality traits include bravery, confidence, and determination.

Determination is the main reason she was attracted to the main protagonist of the series, Romeo Inuzuka, the leader of “Black Doggies”.

She goes through character development which enhances the series.

Persia’s cute reactions and honest feelings provide a unique charisma to her.


1. Inori Yuzuriha

Inori Yuzuriha is the main heroine of the anime Guity Crown. She has cute red eyes and vibrant pink hair. She has pale white skin and wears a school outfit which enhances her beauty.

(Image From Fandom wiki)

She works for Gai in the Funeral Parlor organization. Inori in the beginning had the personality of a robot with no emotions, carrying out orders only but this changes when she meets Ouma Shu.

Her emotions and reactions feel very natural, honest, and expressive which makes her more likable than other characters of this series.

Inori’s honest emotions and kindness appeal to every fan out there.

She is not afraid to sacrifice everything for her loved ones.


With that said, we are concluding our list of the most beautiful girls in anime. I hope you must’ve found at least one of your favorite characters on this list.

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