The Zombie Game: First Impressions And Comic Kickstarter

I was recently given the opportunity to have a sneak peek at ‘The Zombie Game’, a graphic novel that’s about to launch a funding campaign on Kickstarter. Now, what I was able to read is a WIP, so obviously, there will be room for changes before the actual release. That being said, what there is so far is a lot of fun.

From a visual standpoint, the panels have a very painted feel to them that put me in mind of the original 30 Days of Night by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. It has that same visceral quality to it too, with the violent moments as on show as you’d expect from a zombie title. Interestingly, there are a lot of little nods towards classic zombie movies, as well as some Resident Evil style puzzle work with the keys. In that regard, it’s clear that the creative team are fans of the genre.

As far as the story goes, what we have is an entertaining tale of a night out that escalates into a nightmare quite quickly. The crew of heroes and the villains are on page enough for you to get an idea of their personalities, and what they bring to the table, though I would say this isn’t a story that focuses too much on character progression. That’s okay though because what the story needed was action, horror, and a sense of high stakes, and it delivers on these points.

Being a work in progress, I won’t give a score to this one. Overall though, the version I was sent was a quick read, and will certainly satisfy anyone who wants a short, enjoyable undead romp. Plus, there’s a dog called Leg. How could you not love that?

So, if this sounds like it may be up your street, why not check out the team’s Kickstarter? The campaign opens on March 30th, so please do give it a look-in here: KICKSTARTER

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