Top 5 Digimon Vs. Pokémon Dream Battles.

Welcome, one and all, to another Top 5 list! This time around, I wanted to do something a little fun. You see, I love both Digimon and Pokémon. The more I thought about it, the more I realised just how many potential dream match-ups there are between the strongest of both franchises. Well, I figured I’d give some of my favourites. So, in no particular order, here are my Top 5 Digimon Vs. Pokémon Dream Battles.

Greymon vs Charizard

I figured I should start with this one because it’s the most obvious. Charizard was my first fully-evolved Pokemon, and I still love the fire types now. Meanwhile, Greymon has the same giant lizard style appearance and also used fire-based attacks. Both were also partnered with the main characters in their debut series. Really, these two would have the square off, wouldn’t they? I’d expect this one to heat up fast, and the destruction to start building up even quicker.

Renamon vs Zoroark

Now, this is an interesting one. Ordinarily, you see people pair Renamon up with Lucario due to their fighting styles, but I like this battle more. You see, both are fox creatures, and both are capable of being vicious when protecting those that matter to them. In fact, I’m pretty sure either would give their lives for the right cause. So, in the battle of the furry fandom favourite and the illusion fox, I could see some sharp claws swiping and the fur flying.

Weregarurumon vs Lucario

To me, this is a more logical pairing for Lucario. There’s no denying how good a brawler Lucario is, and the Pokemon is certainly tenacious. However, Weregarurumon is equally adept when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and I have no doubt he’d keep up with his wily foe here. In this match-up of canine warfare, I would hope for a solid fight that would fit well on any K1 card.

Gatomon vs Meowth

This one is, in fairness, a bit of a mismatch. Specifically, I’m looking at Hikari’s Gatomon/Tailmon and Team Rocket’s Meowth. The reason for that is that the talking kitties would be sure to throw out some fine trash talk as they battle it out. Sure, Meowth is at a power disadvantage, but his words would certainly be cutting! I expect it to end quickly, but not quietly.

Beelzemon vs Mewtwo

This sounds like an odd pairing, doesn’t it? Really though, the two have a lot in common. Both were powerful antagonists, and both saw the error of their ways in time to try to make amends. While Mewtwo has the psychic advantage, Beelzemon’s stubborn ability to not give up means he’d be able to go toe-to-toe here, I’d think. I’d expect this one to go long, get bloody, and end with mutual respect.

So, those are my picks. But what about you? What would be your dream battles between Digimon and Pokemon? Who do you think would win the battles listed above? Let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Digimon Vs. Pokémon Dream Battles.

  1. These types of matchups are usually very tough for me due to the power and size difference between the two franchises. Death Battle had a pretty good representation of how I always viewed Digimon as much more powerful.

    That said, I like your matchups. There’s still a size or power difference in many of them. Gatomon vs Meowth for instance would for sure have to be relagated to promos … then again there was that one Meowth from the anime, the one in boots. He might give Gatomon a good bout.

    Mewtwo vs Beelzemon is strangely my favorite pairing.

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    1. Yeah, I saw that. That was Greymon vs Charizard, wasn’t it? I wonder if the Pokemon mega evolutions sound even it up a bit. I think there was an animated Renamon vs Lucario too.

      Ooh, I don’t remember the Meowth in boots. I’m gonna have to check that one out.

      I really like Beelzemon/Mewtwo too. It’s an oddball pairing but both were so powerful that it kinda makes sense. It’s less obvious than some of the normal pairs you see too.

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      1. Yes, Greymon vs. Charizard was the one. Pokemon can be deceptively strong and the Legendaries are quite powerful, but generally Digimon just seem to have a power and size advantage for the most part. Lucario was a good representative of Pokemon. I believe he won that battle vs. Renamon. Then again, Renamon is only a Rookie with 3 much more powerful forms while Lucario is basically the final form outside of his own single “digivolution”.

        I found something of a clip for that Meowth at the 9:14 mark of this YT vid Apparently he is called Tyson’s Meowth if you wanted to check out more of his history. He’s pretty cool and even knows Thunderbolt.

        I never would’ve thought to put them together, but your comparison shows me they have a lot in common. I wonder though, if Beelzemon would classify as a Dark type lol.

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  2. Boots, hat, and bandana. That’s one stylish Meowth!

    Turns out there’s two Renamon/Lucario death battles. The full one where Lucario wins and a 1 minute melee that ends in a tie.

    Beelzemon could be a dark type. On those grounds he could battle Darkrai.

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