Poll: Which Of The Nine Titans Is The Best?

Welcome, one and all, to our latest poll! With the final season of Attack on Titan currently airing, I thought this would be a good time to have a look at the Nine Titans. Or, the ones we’ve already seen, at least. So, today, we’re looking at which of these characters has been the best in the anime adaption! Let’s dive right in.

As you can see, we haven’t seen all nine yet. We are yet to see both the War Hammer Titan, and Armin’s Colossal Titan. You’ll also notice that I’ve missed the Founding Titan off the list. This is because, despite being so integral to the plot, I feel like we only touched on its previous forms, and it currently resides in Eren anyway. Onto the others though…

The Attack Titan, currently held by Eren, was the first ‘good’ Titan we met in the series. His introduction was really fun, and I loved that he was a way to even the odds a little for the heroes. I’m a big fan of his mouth design too.

The Colossal and Armoured Titans, held by Bertholdt and Reiner respectively, were the original ‘abnormal’ Titans in the series. Their designs stood out against the normal Titans, because they were less exaggerated. The eventual reveal of their real identities provided a nice shock too. I’m looking forward to seeing how Armin looks in the role, as the difference between the two Jaw Titans shows that the design could be very different indeed.

The Female Titan, held by Annie, was the first of the villains to be revealed as part of the military. It was actually one of my favourite twists in the early run, as it revealed that the threat can come from within the good guys’ group. I also thought her design was excellent.

The Jaw Titan, held by Ymir then Galliard, is an interesting one. I’d actually say that Ymir’s version was among my least favourite designs, as it was too similar to the regular Titans for me. Galliard on the other hand has a really nice, standout design.  I liked Ymir’s reveal, however, and enjoyed her arc in the story.

The Beast Titan, currently held by Zeke, has been built up as incredibly powerful. The design is an odd one in that I appreciate how different it is to normal Titans, but it still feels a little ‘off’ to me. I am enjoying Zeke’s story though, and how he fits in the overall world.

The Cart Titan, currently held by Pieck, hasn’t been seen too much. The design is a little close to the regular Titans for my liking, but its use as a pack mule helps it stand out. Between carrying cargo and getting armoured up during the Marley vs. Middle East battle, it feels more customizable than the others. It also looks male to me, despite being held by a female. That’s interesting because both the Female Titan and Ymir version of the Jaw Titan were held by women and looked female.


So, the question is, which one is your favourite? Vote in the poll below, and let me know why you voted the way you did in the comments. Until next time, thanks for reading, and have fun out there!

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