Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 34 [Comic Review]

Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 34

IDW Publishing

Story: Evan Stanley

Art: Evan Stanley

Colours: Reggie Graham

It’s off to the races with Cream, Cheese, Amy, and Rouge! They have to keep up their winning streak or surrender Cheese to Clutch’s evil…clutches! Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being watched by a mysterious figure in Eggman’s seemingly abandoned base and Shadow investigates a mystery!

Cover-wise, I thought both Cover A by Abby Bulmer and Cover RI by Nathalie Fourdraine were pretty nice. A shows a scene from the Chao Races, while RI switches back to Sonic and Tails at the old Eggman base. Cover B by Jamal Peppers is a really good piece of art, but the focus on Sonic fighting Eggman outside feels a little out of place given the setting on the arc and the lack of appearances by the Doctor so far.

The interior art is very much in line with the last issue. Evan’s art is as good as ever, with the same sort of facial work and dynamic posing that you can tell is hers. While the darker-lit pages are more prevalent in this issue, meaning lass variety in tone, Reggie’s colour work is also very good again too.

From a story standpoint, this was a lot of fun. We still have a few mysteries to solve – namely, who attacked Shadow, and who created newcomer Belle – but things still feel like they’ve moved forward. We got another fun Chao Race, learned more about what Clutch the Opossum is up to, and placed Sonic and Tails in peril.

In terms of characterization, the pre-existing cast members felt right. While I‘d say that the issue perhaps didn’t showcase everyone equally, Rouge was a delight again, and it was good to see Shadow get some more page time. I also enjoyed Belle’s introduction, and am looking forward to seeing what happens with her story moving forward.

Overall, this was another strong issue. You can tell it’s a middle-issue for the arc, but it’s a decent one. The shift between the various plot points was handled well, and the characters are very much on brand. I’m giving this one a solid 4 out of 5.


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