Christmas Activities With Anime Characters

If you’re in the UK – or have kept an eye on UK news – you’ll know that visiting family for Christmas is banned in several parts of the UK this year. That includes where I live. Now, it’s not a big deal in some respects. With the pandemic and my parent’s ages, a mass visit was never really likely. Plus, we have Zoom. It is strange thinking that we won’t be going to my parent’s place on Boxing Day though.

But it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom! Annie at Evening Tea Musings came up with a cute Christmas tag and sent it Irina’s way. Irina then tagged me, so here we are for a bonus festive post. The basic idea is to pick some Christmas activities to do with anime characters.

This was a ton of fun to work on! So, let’s see who I picked…

Singing Christmas Carols With Franchouchou [Zombie Land Saga]

The zombie girls are the best idol group. It’s that simple. Anyway, if I was going to go sing carols with any anime characters, this would be a great group to do it with. I loved the series. The characters all have likeable personalities, and you could be sure they’d have fun with the activity. Providing we could stop Tae from biting the people we’re singing to…

Delivering Presents With Mikasa Ackerman [Attack On Titan]

I’m a fan of gift-giving. I sometimes just run out of ideas and end up giving cash, but only to those who are likely to appreciate it. With the pandemic being out there though, delivering presents would need to be done at Santa speeds, and the most fun way to do that would be with Omni-Direction Mobility Gear. And if you’re going to be zipping from building to building, dropping gifts as you go, who better than the ODM master herself to join you? Just don’t try claim Eren was naughty enough to deserve coal in his stocking…

Cooking Christmas Dinner With Joichiro Yukihira [Food Wars]

Now, who wouldn’t want this fella to cook them something special? I mean, he knows literally thousands of cooking styles! Whatever you want to eat, he has you covered. That means personalised dinners for all, and all of high quality. Unless he decides to invent something. Then I might be in trouble…

Winter Gaming With Moriko Morioka [Recovery Of An MMO Junkie]

Did you know that many online games have Holiday themed events? Well, they do. I always enjoyed the snowball fights on Overwatch. I’m pretty sure Fruits de Mer probably has similar events too. Given her dedication to the game, I could be pretty sure she’d be available to run some quests whenever I was free too. We are both kinda awkward though, so it may be a quiet gaming session…

Making Paper Snowflakes With Izaya Orihara [Durarara!!]

Now, hear me out on this one. I do love to make a good paper snowflake. While that normally involves scissors, a good, sharp knife cuts paper just as well. Izaya is pretty efficient too, even shaving someone’s head with his flick blade. I’m pretty sure he’d come up with some intricate – if potentially twisted – designs that’d look good anywhere. As long as he doesn’t start a fight with Shizuo part way through the activity…

Decorating The Tree With Leona Ozaki [New Dominion Tank Police]

Honestly, I’m picking this purely because I want to see what happens if we load decorations into the cannon on her tank, Bonaparte. Actually, this might be a really stupid idea…ah, crap…


And with that explosive finish, we come to the end of the tag! Now, Irina already tagged a few people I was going to, so this will be a shorter list, but I tag the following to join in, or not, as they wish:

And there we have it. Let me know what you think of the tag and my choices in the comments below!

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