Romeo X Julien by Mary Dumas and Bettina Kurkoski [MM Graphic Novel Spotlight]

Romeo X Julien - First Date - Mary Dumas and Bettina KurkoskiMary Dumas and Bettina Kurkoski have a new MM/gay graphic novel out: Romeo X Julien. And there’s a giveaway!

Romeo Montague has always been a little awkward. His cousin, Benny, doesn’t help, often tossing him into situations unprepared; like dragging him to a Renaissance Faire in the middle of Wine Country.

Julien Capulet, a respected festival promoter, has his own quirks. While dealing with his crazy parents and goofy gay uncles, he holds out hope of meeting the one who’ll see past all the frills.

Romeo X Julien is a sexy homage to Will Shakespeare, with more comedy than tragedy. Entertaining and tender, it shows how the course of true love may never be smooth, and that the LGBTQ community has come a long way in a short time.

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Romeo X Julien - First Date meme - Mary Dumas


Romeo x Julien Excerpt

Author Bio

Romeo X Julien - Mary DumasCo-creators, Mary Dumas and Bettina Kurkoski, have been fixtures on the Comic Con circuit since 2003. Mary was on staff for a number of convention groups, while Bettina was the artist in residence for those organizations.

In 2015 this friendship became a partnership in creating the comic series, RomeoXJulien. Following this comic creation lead them to Artists Alley in many Fan Conventions for the next five years. In 2019, with the finish of the story they decided to give the comics a bright new life in full color as a graphic novel.

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An Interview with Benvolio

Author:  Mary Dumas

Artist:  Bettina Kurkoski

Benvolio Montague is our guest today.  Welcome, Benvolio.

  1. Please, I go by Benny. Or if you are working for me Director.

So, Benny, what can you tell us about the advertising world here in the Bay Area?

  1. It’s a plethora of different jobs, from the Castro District’s Pride opportunities to the Grant Street Chinatown corridor. There is so much to see and do here in the city and there are businesses large and small that need me and the teams I can gather.

Have you had any interesting jobs recently?

  1. Just finished a small job outside the city, over in the Verona Lake area. Place called Capulet House, you heard of it?

Um, can’t say that I have…

  1. Well you will be hearing a lot more about it soon. I did a fantastical advertisement for them about their upcoming Renaissance Faire.  Small production crew, help from their own crew and cast, brought it in under budget, but it looks like a Hollywood product, if I do say so myself.

Tell us a little about Benvolio Montague, do you have any childhood stories that embarrass you that your mom will tell us?

  1. My parents died in an automobile accident out on the Pacific Coast Highway, just before I entered first grade.

Oh, I’m so sorry, that wasn’t in my notes!

  1. It’s OK, they left me with a terrific family, my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Maggie. You them know from the Montague software group.  So, I was brought up with a lot of love and freedom.  And I got a little bro in the bargain, their son, Romeo.  I had to look out for the kid, and it really was one of the things helped me in the long run.  Taking care of that boy is a lot of work.

Great to know, but you still didn’t give me a good childhood story…

  1. Fine….  I think it was about the same time I came to live with Charlie and Maggie.  It was the first time I saw a Mercedes Benz.  I though it was for me.

So, is everything name Benz yours now?

  1. It will be. I’m going to make it big in Hollywood soon.

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