Break Time!

As Blaze Bayley said before launching into a cover of Wild Thing on Wolfsbane’s first live album, Massive Noise Injection… “This, my friends, is it.”

It’s time to take a break. In this case, a week off.

There are a lot of things going on right now. First and foremost, I’m in the middle of job hunting. Doing that during COVID-19 is, well, even harder than doing it when we’re not dealing with a pandemic. So, that’s taking up a lot of time for me.

To make up for that, I’ve been taking on as many freelance writing jobs as I can. I’m working on one right now that is massive. It will pay me a decent fee. But I need to get a lot of things done in a relatively short period of time. So, I’m going to be concentrating on getting as much of that done as possible.

Finally, I can feel a little burnout starting. I want to stamp out the flames before they start spreading.

Now, I’ll still be around. I’ll be reading, liking and commenting the same as normal. If any sponsored posts come my way, I’ll be putting those up too. Otherwise, though, I’m out. For now.


I’ll catch you all on September 7th!

7 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. Sometimes you just need a break, and it’s very wise to do so😊 I hear you on the job hunting, that is tough….but at the same time it’s not impossible. Part of my job is taking job interviews with people, and I can assure you that we took on quite a few people since this crisis started. So, all I can say is that I wish you the best of luck in finding that job. Keep up the faith, especially in yourself.
    I hope that when you return you will have stomped out those flames, and feel better😊 Take care and see you back here in a week! (and if you need longer, do so….blogging is fun, but it’s hobby after all: health and real life always come first 😊)

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