Christmas Slasher [Press Release]

Actress, director, and owner of Lady Destiny Productions. Destiny Soria will be starring in and directing the film, which seamlessly blends horror subgenres in a mix of psychological and supernatural. Lady Destiny Productions was founded just over a year ago to bring a fresh take to film.

Up and coming film company, Lady Destiny Productions is set to release their first official film, and it has just been upgraded to a feature. The Christmas Slasher is currently in production. The cast includes Nicholas Brendon [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] and Felissa Rose [Sleepaway Camp], and will also feature music by German electronic band, Tangerine Dream.

The Christmas Slasher brings a horror twist to classic characters including Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus while also adding brand new characters including Slasher the killer reindeer along with a psychological element into the mix. The main character, Alita, becomes not only the sole witness but also a murder suspect and the audience are left questioning exactly how much of what they see is real.

When a group of college decide to spend Christmas break in the woods, at an old childhood hangout, they have no idea that this may be their last Christmas. As Alita Claus and her friends settle down for a weekend of hunting, drinks, and games, things quickly go awry.

Not only is there a murderous zombie reindeer on the loose. But someone has angered Mr. and Mrs. Claus and now, the jolly couple who bring the spirit of Christmas to millions are out on a murderous rampage- with the entire group on the hit list. Can Alita save her friends before it’s too late?

The Christmas Slasher is set to be released before Christmas 2021 and, with some luck, the film will be available to enjoy just in time for some holiday chills.

Destiny Soria Bio:

I feel like I have already lived a full life. I’ve been involved in acting, directing, and dance from Texas to Minnesota and I am constantly looking toward my next adventure. Born to Norma L (Sauceda) Soria and Luis L Soria, I lived a fairly normal life in Savannah Georgia. Then at the tender age of nine years, my parents divorced causing some pain for me as I was separated from my father. My mother would eventually remarry to Wesley V. Nelson when I was 13.

I proudly describe myself as an “army brat,” because I have many family members who have served in the military, including both my father and stepfather. In fact, being a child of military parents meant I would become somewhat of a globe-trotter; I called Frankfurt, Germany my home for almost half of my life. This global experience has given me a unique perspective on my craft that few possess.

As a teenager, I also began learning martial arts from my stepfather, Wesley. By the time I was fifteen years old, I was already learning how to high kick and bring larger men to the ground.

Unfortunately, like many rebellious teens, I was having problems with my mother and, with our relationship strained, I decided that I wanted another place to live. Around my 16th birthday, I moved to San Antonio, Texas to live with my father and brother. I remain close with both my father and brother and they are an integral part of my life.

It was during this time that I learned about my Native American roots, specifically the Kickapoo tribes and the ancient Mayans. As I learned more about my family history, I was filled with a surge of great pride for my nation and I felt more connected with the Earth, the spirits and my people. I feel that the Universe brought me these blessings.

In reality, acting saved me. At the age of 24, I was ready to start this new chapter in life and I decided that I was going headfirst. Acting allowed me to share with others, to speak up, to challenge my shyness and to pursue my dreams. As an actress, I was able to memorize much more information and my speech gradually became more refined. My new efforts led me to the acting school, John Robert Powers (JRP) in Bloomington, Minnesota where I received further instructions from the best in the industry. It was these lessons that paved the way for my success in acting as I honed my expressions, improved my skills and started my ascent as a rising star.

Has it been a smooth road?

The road’s actually been pretty bumpy. Not even a year ago, I lost my mother to breast cancer. Within a week, my bunny, who had been a great comfort to me for six years, passed away as well. Then, my uncle passed away after I got in a serious car accident from a company truck last year. There’s been a lot of grief and loss, but I have kept going and kept working on my films/photoshoots. I never give up and I know that they are still with me.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Lady Destiny Production story. Tell us more about it.

I’m a photographer, editor, and shoot videos like reel and films in any genre. I also give back to fellow artists and models by putting together great reels for them. On my own, I taught myself how to shoot and edit video which I now use to help others who are trying to break into the industry. No matter what the project or what the budget, I ensure that all my customers get quality reels and headshots that make them stand above their competition. I have done so much but if you ask me, I’m just getting started.

Lady Destiny Productions is sort of a way to bring it all together and to realize my personal artistic aspirations while also helping fellow actors. We have a few things in the works already including a film called End of the Road. I am looking at becoming an acting coach also.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?

I see myself making more films and working with others on theirs. Making it to the big theaters worldwide. And winning awards for my work. Even becoming an acting coach for those that want to be taught on how to act in projects.

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