Repairing Famous Basements in TV Shows

Repairing Famous Basements in TV Shows

By Irene Chen

There are plenty of famous basement scenes in TV shows across the years. In many of these scenes, there’s a problem in that basement — this problem could be evident from the very beginning or it could be a problem that happens throughout the show. Here are some of the most famous basements in TV shows, as well as an explanation of what would have to happen to fix them.

Stranger Things

The Wheeler basement is the foundation of a variety of very spooky happenings in this TV show. A demon breaks one of the walls and the lights clearly have major power issues. This combination of external and internal factors means that an expert would have to come out and repair it.

The first step is to check for foundation damage. If there’s no permanent foundation damage from the demon breaking the wall, the repair team can simply fix the drywall. Upgrading the breaker box will also help avoid future lighting problems.

The IT Crowd

Many of the episodes of The IT Crowd happen in the basement offices, which is where many of the characters spend their days. However, it’s not necessarily the greatest place to work. It’s messy and dingy, there have been fires, and a goth IT tech spends his time in the server room.

Fixing these offices would require improved wiring to avoid fires in the future. Plus, they would need to add smoke detectors in case of a fire in the future. Last, exterminating the spiders in Maurice’s room would be a great finishing touch.

That ‘70s Show

In That ‘70s Show, Eric and his friends mostly hang out in the Forman basement. A running joke is that the basement is pretty smoky a majority of the time. While that might have been fine in the ‘70s, it does run the risk of smelling pretty gross and causing secondhand smoke health concerns.

The good news is that it is possible to fix a room after it’s had secondhand smoke issues. Deep cleaning would help remove the funk and residue from the carpets and walls. Plus, a dehumidifier can help improve the air quality throughout the basement.


Marty and his family move to Missouri through this TV show. The family move into the top floor of their lakefront home, while Buddy moves into the basement. However, the dampness in the poorly-maintained basement actually exacerbated the terminal illness Buddy was fighting.

Repairing a damp and moldy basement, even in a very humid area like Missouri, is possible. The first step would be waterproofing measures, which could reduce the basement humidity significantly. Next, the experts may need to add a dehumidifier and other air purification steps to improve the air quality.


There’s no denying that Batman has an incredibly aesthetically pleasing Batcave. However, the Batcave is in Wayne Manor’s basement, and the bat infestation and underground waterfall would definitely be disastrous for Wayne Manor’s foundation.

Even though the bats and waterfall are part of Batman’s aesthetic setup, they would have to go. Getting a thoughtful exterminator who could remove the bats, ideally without killing them, would be the first step. The repair team would also probably need to remove mold and repair the foundation to address moisture from the waterfall.


There are so many basement scenes in various TV shows, it would be impossible to create a thorough list. However, these are just a few of the basement scenes that an expert could potentially fix, given the right amount of time and supplies. Even if you’re not the center of a TV show, however, you still deserve to have a functioning basement. If you’re having some of these problems, consider talking to a basement repair expert to fix them as soon as possible.


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