Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 10 [Anime Episode Review]

Welcome, everyone, to my continued weekly review series for the 2020 reboot of Digimon Adventure! This week, the kids are headed for a collision with MetalTyrannomon. Let’s see what happened.

The Steel-Solid Super Evolution: Recap

We opened up with the kids in hiding, and Agumon injured. Taichi and Yamato had a disagreement about Orgemon, with the latter thinking his words may have been a trap, but Taichi believing him. They do both agree that they need to find the Holy Digimon, but it’s only a matter of time until they have to face MetalTyrannomon again.

Koshiro had salvaged some data from the fortress, including a map that seemed to prove Orgemon’s instructions were correct. He also found some data on MetalTyrannomon and have Taichi an idea. So, Taichi and Agumon got the beast’s attention while Yamato led the others away to follow Orgemon’s route. Unfortunately, they found themselves at a miasma swamp that they couldn’t cross due to it melting everything that didn’t contain the same miasma.

Greymon fought valiantly against MetalTyrannomon, making use of Koshiro’s information: when MetalTyrannomon switched from laser to missile, it left him open to attack. Being a lower level though, Greymon was unable to land a clear blow, even after knocking his foe off balance. MetalTyrannomon seemed to have won and ran off after the others, but Greymon made it back in time to block him. His determination caused him to evolve to MetalGreymon.

Now able to fight on the same level as his foe, Taichi and his partner were able to kill the monster with a Giga Storm. That still left the problem of the straight route being out of the question though. The team agreed to split up on the grounds that if one team were taken down, it would mean the others weren’t wiped out.

The Steel-Solid Super Evolution: Thoughts

This was fun. It was nice seeing Taichi and Yamato’s leadership styles clashing. It’s important too; Yamato is very cold and serious right now but is traditionally the holder of the Crest of Friendship. As such, he needs to have this detachment right now in order to grow into that role. Assuming we’re still going to see the crests, of course. Regardless though, Taichi and Yamato’s differing opinions allow them to complement each other in their roles.

The battle meanwhile was also well constructed. Greymon went from being overpowered to finding gaps to move into but was unable to do too much at his power level. Every time he got close, MetalTyrannomon countered. Greymon’s reckless charging into his attacks towards the end had a real sense of never-say-die heroism to it too, and the inevitable evolution came at just the right time.

I’m fine with how quickly MetalGreymon got the job done. My only real issue is that I was never a huge fan of his design. It always felt a little incomplete to me, maybe a little too messy. But, that’s fine. It didn’t detract from the story, so I can’t complain.

Meanwhile, the obvious question would be ‘why not get Birdramon and Kabuterimon to fly everyone over the miasma?’ Well, think about it. If someone falls, that’s a death sentence. So, really, going around instead makes sense.

Overall, I thought this was a very good episode. It looked good, the OST was good, and the story is moving along nicely. It’s just a shake that the team is finally together and they’ll now need to split up again.

But those are just my thoughts. What did you think of these episodes? Let me know in the comments below.


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