Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia Issue 6 [Comic Review]

  • IFPW Issue 5
  • SBI Press
  • Story: Ed Kuehnel & Matt Entin
  • Art: ‘The Nebraska Greyhound’ Kendall Goode
  • Colours: ‘Iceberg’ Jio Butler


It has been a while since we last visited ‘Rock n’ Roll’ Rory Landell and the Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia crew, and now, they’re back with the final issue. And this isn’t just any issue, it’s a bumper size 47-page finale!

This issue, even more than the previous five, is a clear love letter to wrestling through the ages. The reason for this is, after we finish up the fight that started last week, the brunt of the issue is dedicated to the actual match between Rory and Manifest Destiny.

What I loved here is that it encompassed so many things. The arena was set up like a modern event with video screens and all the pomp you expect from sports entertainment. At the same time though, the rules of the match were vintage, and the story it told featured all the classic tropes from the main events of the 80s and early 90s. But really, what else did we expect? This whole series has been a sci-fi retelling of the old American Hero vs. Foreign Menace set up. The commentary was a nice touch too and reminded me of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, and I definitely got a kick out of Manifest Destiny’s Vader-esque entrance gear.

On top of that though, we got a few emotional moments too. From a surprise death and heavenly visitation to the Rory and Linda moments that bookended the tale, there was plenty of heart on display to go with the retro rasslin’.

Honestly, the only thing I think may put people off with this series is that it has a consistent edge of cheese to it. Here, that’s really played up on too. For me personally, I loved it, and I think that anybody who has ever been a fan of professional wrestling will find something to enjoy here. To that end, I don’t hesitate to give this one the full 5 out of 5, and heartily recommend it for all grapple fans.

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