Digimon Adventure 2020 Episode 6 [Anime Episode Review]

Welcome, everyone, to my continued weekly review series for the 2020 reboot of Digimon Adventure! We’re now beginning to round off the team by introducing Mimi and Palmon. Did the series continue to blossom? Let’s find out!

The Targeted Kingdom: Recap

We opened up with a brief recap of what happened in the last episode. This was kept short and highlighted the key points well. We then cut to Taichi, Sora, Agumon and Piyomon who were busy searching for their next destination. Everyone was hungry and started running for some nearby fruit. Unfortunately for the team, this was a trap! Mimi and Palmon caught them in some vines, much to the delight of a massive group of Tanemon.

We learned that this is ‘Mimi’s Kingdom’ – Mimi claims to be the queen of the area – and that they’re trying to stop Tuskmon from stealing their fruit. Mimi heard the story of the Holy Digimon through her Digivice, which led to Taichi and Sora realising that she too much be a Chosen One. Mimi was reluctant as she wanted to protect her kingdom.

Koshiro made contact at this point and showed that time moves differently in the human and digital world. He confirmed that the deeper you go, the more lag there is, so they have more time to act than they thought. They can’t take it easy though, as it is chaos in Tokyo right now. Seeing the news report, and in particular, spotting her Grandpa working so hard in the footage seemed to spark more interest in Mimi though. That left her conflicted as she wanted to work hard too, but protecting her kingdom was a priority. Taichi and the gang offered to help her get rid of the Tuskmon, so she listed Taichi and Sora as servants number 72 and 73.

Orgemon sent a herd of Tuskmon into the kingdom, and two fall into a hole. Realising their error, the Tuskmon changed course to avoid the traps and started circling around, with Taichi and Agumon racing to meet them. One evolution later, and Greymon rushed into battle. Spotting Coredramon in the sky, Piyomon evolved too. This meant Birdramon – with Sora on her foot – flew into action too.

On the ground, Mimi was worried, but Palmon swore to protect her. Which was lucky, because Drimogemon drilled through the ground with Orgemon in tow. Palmon was too low a level to fend them off and was soon almost murdered. Literally, she was dying. Mimi refused to run, and her Digivice lit up. This caused Palmon to evolve into Togemon, and the battle was on!

Greymon and Birdramon made it back to take on Orgemon, leaving Togemon to concentrate on Drimogemon. Despite giving up a lot in size to the mole, Togemon scored the decisive victory. Palmon and Mimi embraced, and Orgemon ran off in frustration. With the bad guys vanquished, Mimi and Palmon decided to join the others on the search for the Holy Digimon.

The Targeted Kingdom: Thoughts

This was another typical Digimon Adventure early episode. We got introduced to a new Chosen One and their partner and got to see them achieve their first evolution. It’s an effective formula. What I liked though is that the episode did this while drip-feeding other information.

The difference in the way time flows between the worlds was an important one, as it makes it clear that we won’t be rushing everything the series progresses. The heroes can’t just sit around, but they have more than the 72 hours they thought they did. I also liked that the Holy Digimon story appears to have been broadcast to all the Digivices.

The battle here was really good too. Obviously, Palmon was not going to fare well against a higher level enemy until she evolved, but the clear sign of death added a nice amount of peril. I appreciated too that, when faced with multiple enemies, Greymon was not capable of winning the battle alone. He took a hard hit early on and needed Birdramon to assist in finishing the Tuskmon. Orgemon too survived facing both of them (albeit losing a horn in the process), so even in defeat, he was subtly built as a strong foe.

Mimi did well in her debut, and it was nice to see the giant boxing cactus again. She and Palmon have always had a strong link, and you really got to see the beginnings of that here. Throw in that the next episode preview confirms we’ll be meeting Joe next, and we’re onto a winner here as that will mean most of the core team is then together.

My only real issue with this episode was that it wasn’t acknowledged what would happen to the Tuskmon now that they weren’t under Orgemon’s control. They were manipulated, got beat up and then disappeared. They didn’t die, clearly, but you’d think they’d get a visible chance to retreat like the Tylomon did.

Still, that’s a minor quibble. This was a fun episode that kept things moving forward nicely and felt really quick to watch. All in all, this has been a very good start to the reboot.

But those are just my thoughts. What did you think of these episodes? Let me know in the comments below.


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