Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Episode 11 [Anime Review]

Welcome, one all, to my continuing episodic review series for Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. This week, Nekoyama is sick! Let’s have a look at what happened.


Hot And Cold

So, we opened up with Nekoyama in a bad way. Her sister Tamaki tried to wake her by creeping into bed with her and licking her ear, then realised that she was unwell. She said she’d call the school for her and it seemed like she thought Nekoyama had no friends. Nekoyama argued this and sent a text to Aki to explain what’s happening.

Aki explained the message to everyone and Inugami hit a slump, asking why she even bothered to come to school. Aki responded by simply stating, “to learn things”, which has to be the line of the episode for me. Anyway, Inugami’s lethargy is broken by Nezu pointing out that girls are 30% cuter when ill.

Back with Nekoyama, the kitty is running a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, and wishes that she’d just hallucinate if it’s going to be that high. Inugami then turns up, having ditched class, and says she heard that you get over a cold if someone else catches it. So, she wants Nekoyama to give it to her. Nekoyama pointed out that she was very close, and Inugami responded that she wouldn’t mid no distance at all, leaned in, and stole a kiss.

Nekoyama woke up, realising it was all a fever dream, and then the real Inugami and Aki turned up. Inugami said pretty much the same stuff about catching the cold, leaned in, and this time hugged her. The girls left and the episode ended with Tamaki being happy that Nekoyama really does have friends.


‘Sick’ In A Good Way

This was ‘sick’ in the way kids used it when I was a teen. In other words, this was enjoyable. The whole scene where Inugami hears Nekoyama won’t be in today was hilarious. Meanwhile, I noticed something interesting in Nekoyama’s fever dream.

At first, the Inugami in her head was acting unusually smooth. After she kissed her though, she immediately jumped back and declared happily that she’d stole one. That end to the dream was actually very in character. I think Nekoyama kinda wats Inugami to take a clear lead in things, but does understand who she is and what she’s like.

The art was cute too. Both Inugami and Nekoyama had some over the top reactions that were drawn in a chibi-esque style, and that fit really well here.

The only real issue I have with this episode is the ear licking scene. I mean, what kinda person tries to wake their sister up that way? It leaned too close to one of my least favourite anime themes for me, I’m afraid.

But what about yourselves? Have you seen this show? What did you make of this episode? Let me know below!



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